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…I know that having Martin, Kerstad, and Fletcher on the same team is great and lucky recruiting that doesn’t happen often, but the overall quality of young arms in our pitching staff and young players like Washington, Franklin, Goodhart, etc. playing well just reflects overall better recruiting and signing of top recruited players by this staff. On paper, our upcoming recruits appear even stronger than these guys were rated. Has our sophomore class with Martin, Herstad, Opitz, Goodhart, etc. just over-achieved bigtime or are we setting up for a consistent high quality roster for the forseeable future? Is all of this great recruiting or we just got lucky with things like Noland falling into DVH’s lap and Herstad growing into a monster player after his committment?

Baseball recruiting, for the most part, is all about evaluation. Arkansas’ coaches thought Martin and Kjerstad were going to be studs, even though they weren’t as highly rated as some of the others in their class. The same goes for Fletcher. Van Horn told me that as a high schooler Fletcher had the best first step toward a batted ball that he had seen from a center fielder. Arkansas wanted Goodheart last year, but there just wasn’t room on the roster. He went to a good JUCO program and came here as a more polished hitter than he was in high school.

Tony Vitello told me a few years ago that the coaching staff felt it had done a good job of signing players who had not piqued in high school, but would somewhere around 19-21. I think you’ve seen that over the past few seasons. Vitello is one of the best recruiters in the country, and even the 2019 signing class has his fingerprints on it.

I also think the current assistant coaches, Thompson and Hobbs, are good evaluators. Thompson is a very good hitting coach who I think might have an opportunity to be a head coach soon.

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You guys can’t forget about our two late inning stars from yesterday, Caspitz (k-spits) and Chranklin (crank-lin)!

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Matt, can you elaborate on the '20 class a bit more? On paper is this the best class that DVH has ever recruited from a rankings standpoint? Your best guess on how many of the Top 50 players will stick with the Hogs?

Right now there are seven top 100 recruits in it. At last check, they were all in the top 51 of the Perfect Game rankings, but I don’t trust PG as much as I trust Baseball America. I don’t think BA will have them ranked until they are seniors, and it will be as draft prospects.

Here are a couple of stories on the players in that class: … top-natio/ … lass-2020/

I have no doubt Arkansas will probably lose some of those players, but I think the Razorbacks have a chance to get some of them to campus for various reasons.

First, many of them have played together on travel or select teams growing up, and that’s part of the reason they are committing to the same college. They would like to play together again if things don’t go their way in the draft.

Nate Wohlgemuth and Ethan Long both would be draft-eligible sophomores, which might help Arkansas’ chance to get them to campus.

I don’t pay much attention to baseball recruiting not because I don’t care, but I just don’t understand it that much. First, if DVH and staff want them, then that tells me all I really need to know. I have as much or more respect for him as any Razorback Coach ever. So, what do I know anyway. Then, if you get too good a class, you might not have any class when it is all done. How in the world do you balance that? Then there is the whole .5, .25, etc. scholarship deal. I am not smart enough to understand all of that.

Somehow, coach DVH seems to understand it and master it very well. That is what matters.

One thing that has changed in recent years is the MLB CBA. Clubs can no longer overpay their draft slot choices without a significant penalty, up to and including loss of a later draft pick. More high school athletes are looking at college, particularly the elite programs. Playing in the SEC is roughly the equivalent of playing AA ball. The travel is much better and so is the food. MiLB players make way less than minimum wage and their per diem is a pittance.

All of that just goes to say that it is easier to get players to school than it used to be.

Also, some of these players will be better after 2-3 years at Fayetteville than some of them that sign out of HS. Major talent but still growing while some are full grown and a year older than their HS competition. The younger ones are what scouts like because their is more development to come. Moore, Winn and Brooks are young for their class and having huge junior years in HS.

Let’s see, flying to play, or riding a bus…I’ll play in the SEC for a couple of years.

I think it depends on the position. Keaton McKinney is a cautionary tale of what can happen if you turn down a lot of money to play in the SEC. He’ll never get paid a dime for playing baseball, other than the cost of attendance checks he got with the Razorbacks. He could have gotten close to $1 million out of high school.

I was shocked to see JT Ginn turn down $2.5 million to play at Mississippi State. I’ll guarantee you that guy has an insurance policy on his arm. It’s so risky to turn down that money as a pitcher. One Tommy John surgery can change everything.

Position players typically aren’t going to be offered as much money unless they are just elite, so I’m always of the thought there is a better chance they will go to college. But like we’ve seen with Greg Bird and Brandon Nimmo and some others, there are always seems to be one per class who will get the amount they want to skip college.

Thanks Matt, your knowledge is greatly appreciated…