Baseball rankings drifting out

D1 Baseball: Hogs go from 8 to 9
Baseball America: Hogs go from 7 to 11
Collegiate Baseball: Hogs stay at 7
Coaches aren’t out yet (we were 6th)
Official RPI isn’t out but Warren Nolan version has us 21st.
NCBWA isn’t out either; we were 6th in preseason.

Not enough data at Warren Nolan to be any kind of good RPI reflection.

  • Beat Texas and dropped in RPI
  • Lost to TCU and went up
  • Beat Okie Lite and dropped again

At this point RPI is all over the place… give it about half way through the season and it will begin to shake out and be a better indicator at least at Warren Nolan’s site.

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Yeah obviously RPI is pretty useless in February, and March really. But then again so are preseason rankings.

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The funny part is we beat #9, er destroyed #9, and dropped to #9.

The coaches poll does not update until after the second weekend.

Interesting that we get slaughtered by one top 10 team, but similarly slaughter another (so kind of a wash), and also beat Texas (bad start, but traditionally respected team)…and drop a slot or two.

Meanwhile, Tennessee loses their first 2 games to two “respected” but unranked teams before beating a third such team…and the drop only from #2 to #3 (D1 poll). Then again, it’s very early and Baseball is not like Football or Basketball when it comes to losing.

Still…I’d have thought Tenner might have dropped a bit more than that.

Ultimately, what happens the rest of the year will “correct” whatever needs to be corrected in these early, early polls.

The Mustard Empire lost two close games. We got completely blown out by the Frogs. Just like Okie Lite got blown out by us.

Okie Lite went from 9 to 15 in D1B, 15 to 21 in BA, 12 to 16 in CB. They’re tied with us in pseudo-RPI.

And Tennessee is 36th in RPI.

Yes, but we blow out another top 10 team (coming into the weekend, same as us and TCU) by an even greater score. So, as I said, kind of wash.

I’d rather split two games that way than lose two close ones to UNranked teams.

But - again - this will sort itself out (one way or the other) during the course of the season.


Arizona is 26th in CB this week after beating Tennessee. Grand Canyon remains unranked.

Pre season polls are only good for fans complaining.

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