Baseball Radio Affiliates

I’m curious about something. I thought my old Sony digital AM/FM was on the fritz so I went out and bought a new exact copy at Best Buy (over $40 bucks). I have the same problems. Is there some reason that 92.1 does not broadcast well in Baum? Especially right behind home plate?

103.7 here in Little Rock has th games on weekend, but they won’t broadcast game if drive time is on. Can’t find an alternate channel. If you’re going to be an affiliate you should broadcast all games imo.

I sit behind the plate and I have problems with the reception. I have a radio that straps on my arm. I have to adjust it, move the ear plug line, etc. to finally get the thing to come in. Oh, and if you go into the restroom the reception goes to fuzz. 92.1 does not have a strong signal. At football games, I usually listen to 93.3 because 92.1 won’t come in very well.

If you have a smart phone, download the Arkansas Razorbacks Gameday app and you can listen to the games that way. That’s how I listen to the game broadcasts if I’m not in my car.

That also works well when you are out of the coverage area. When I go to the national event each year, I use the app. It is great.

If there were not so much delay, I would use the app at Baum.

This thread reminds me of a story I did on the origins of the baseball radio network. In a short amount of time it has morphed from a broadcast that a limited number of people were able to access for a limited number of games, to something most expect every game. From a 2012 interview I did with Chuck Barrett:

[quote]Five years ago you couldn’t get an AM radio station to carry 30 games. Now you have 100,000-watt stations in Fort Smith and Little Rock carrying the majority of the games. Those are also sports-talk radio stations, so the baseball team has become part of the every-day conversation among Razorback fans in the spring.

Ah yes, I remember the days of sitting beside my PC in Bartlesville, listening to the games on the interwebs. … G-s230301/