Baseball Player steals 1st base... makes history.

And so it begins…

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Baseball is so slow to initiate change when it comes to rules. The SEC tested pitch clocks in 2010. MLB just started trying the pitch clock in spring training THIS year. Anyway, I don’t think this one will last IMO.

I don’t like changing the rules. Baseball is pretty neat. Don’t try to fix something that isn’t broke. Maybe some folks think they can do better, but I don’t.

I don’t even like the rule that lets you try to get to first base on a third strike if the ball gets away from the catcher. Never understood that rule.

The DH is bound for the NL…probably coming when the next players union contract agreement is reached…unfortunately.
Also see a lot of talk about a pitcher being required to face at least three hitters when entering the game.

That’s actually consistent with a principle of baseball rules. The defense has to complete the play, with the exception of the infield fly rule (which is there because fielders were intentionally letting popups fall to get a double play instead of a single out), to get the out. Outfielder drops the flyball, batter is safe. Fielder doesn’t make the tag on a stolen base, or doesn’t step on the bag on a force play, runner is safe. Completing a strikeout means the catcher caught the third strike. If he doesn’t, he has to complete it then by tagging the batter or throwing him out at first.

I actually don’t like the DH. It takes away so much strategy at the end of baseball games, but I also believe if a sport stays stagnant and doesn’t adapt some then people will stop watching and playing. So MLB Commish Rob Manfred has to find that balance between adapting, but not losing the core principles of the game. A job I don’t particularly envy, but that’s why he gets paid the big bucks.

no way to find a quality video of the first, first base steal but plenty of odd plays which makes baseball so cool…

derived from a few MLB collected plays … first-base

I’ve never been a “rule” change guy for baseball, but it has lost a lot of the younger generations’ interest and something needs to change or it will be relegated to the back of the professional sport line in the not too distant future.