Baseball Performance Center: A Player's Perspective

Lael Lockhart posted a brief video on Twitter yesterday of him working out at our new Baseball Performance Center. I replied to his tweet and asked if he was in Fayetteville and wondered what he thought of the new facility. He gave a great response:

"In Fayetteville for the off-season! New complex is breathtaking. The technology and development in the building is not fair to say the least. Also to have the coaches here that know how to translate the information to the players in college and professional ball is a game changer. Not even to mention the recovery tools, nutrition, weight room and players areas. Even a ‘pro locker room’ that out does most team locker rooms. About out of room in the pro locker room due to the amount of guys wanting to come back and work out here cause how special it is here."

I think we’ve all known that Razorback baseball has a special culture. DVH has built that, and it’s nice to see a recent player excited about this new facility and its potential to impact players. I love the fact that so many of our former Hogs in the pros call Fayetteville home during the off-season, and now they have even more reason to do so. It can only lead to great things.

It was really nice of him to respond in such a detailed way. (I figured if he responded it all, it would be something like “It’s great!”) Just tells me how excited he is about it.


This is a game changer for us and college baseball at the top level. Every other contending program now has to match us with their version of our facility. We currently are leading the way and our recruiting is accelerating because of it. Other teams have posters of their pros on their walls. We got ours actually there using our facility instead of their major league baseball facilities. Those guys actually there meeting prospective recruits is light years ahead of other teams’ pro photos.


Yeah that was awesome of him to do that, you can tell he feels extremely privileged to be a part of the best program in the nation!


Watched recent video of DVH covering this. It’s just a wow as he explained what it was in his days at AR & before and what it is now.
Also gives a lot of credit to Norm for getting the ball rolling.

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