Baseball on TV

Can’t wait for all the basketball games to go away now. I’m ready to see the Razorbacks on TV!!
Radio is good, but I’m so looking forward to WATCHING the games!
Go Hawgs:bangbang:

All of the games are televised, with the exception of the one in North Little Rock.

What about the Texas games Matt there on the longhorn Network and even though they show they’re being shown on ESPN plus you don’t get them unless you have the longhorn Network or at least that’s the way it was not trying to watch LSU play Texas you clicked on to it but it wouldn’t connect

If, by “televised”, you mean available to watch OR stream on the ESPN app, then yes.

That is the case for most here, I’d guess. I stream to my big TV usine Roku. Just wanted to be clear that for most of these games, you can’t just pick up the TV remote and get the game unless you have some sort of streaming-to-TV capability.

I can’t speak to youdaman’s question because my DirecTV package includes the Longhorn Network, so on the infrequent times I have tried to stream (or even watch) that network, it hasn’t been an issue for me. But I can see that if your carrier/package does NOT include the LHN, it might not be available to stream for you.

You can sign up for a trial of Hulu, which includes LHN then cancel before being billed

Don’t laugh Doc but I have no idea what Hulu is I’ve heard of it but wouldn’t begin to know how to sign up for it Lol. Is it something you download on your computer?I have Comcast infinity which is a great cable network and has pretty much everything but doesn’t have the longhorn Network here in Mississippi LOL

I’m just glad the painful basketball season is finally over! Spring is almost here and it’s time for baseball is full force.

Well Matt, I was referring to “televised”. I don’t have WiFi so I can’t do much streaming. Nonetheless, I’ll be watching whenever and however I can.
Oh by the way, have a good vacation Matt!