Baseball mailbag

I’m hoping to do a baseball mailbag feature on the site tomorrow before the regional begins. I have a couple of questions in the bag, but could use some more. Please let me know if you have anything.

This isn’t the right time, but after the season, I’d like to hear DVH’s ideas for speeding up the college game (or if he thinks it should be speeded up).

What are chances Josh Elander returns next season.?

We lose a lot of offense out of this group do we have any coming up there signees Bat-Might make a impression kind of like Fletcher did

Who is likely to be in contention to be a weekend starter next year?

I remember hearing an interview with Tony Vitello a year or two ago when he said that the way recruiting was going, we might be really good in 2018/2019. How do the coaches feel that things are setting up for the next couple of years? I know we’re losing some really good players.

How far do you think this team can go? If Campbell hadn’t gotten hurt would they have been a national seed and legit NC contender?

Who will be the wildcard pitcher to step up and play a big role in the postseason? Tacciolini? Cronin? Murphy?

What will DVH do at third base for the rest of the way, however long that is? Continue musical 3Bs?

Thanks for the questions. Here is this week’s mailbag: … ects-watc/