Baseball is getting close

I’ve been looking so forward to the start of the baseball season. With the abrupt end to last season and the departure of quite a few players, I don’t really know what to expect. As long as CDVH is here I know they will be good.

We are looking forward to Hog Baseball.
Hope our weather gets better.

Got mine today also. :smiley:

My wife and I are headed to TX next weekend to watch the Hog’s can’t wait!

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I am so looking forward to hog baseball. Due to the shortened season, I saw no games in person last year. I missed watching them on TV or the internet. I plan to attend at the first chance I get. (I get my second covid shot next week so I’ll feel pretty safe by the first game.) I’m also buying cutouts for my grandkids to “attend.”

I bought a cutout too. I even asked for it to be placed in (or close to) my regular seat. I got an acknowledgement for that request. They cannot promise anything, but they will try to get it close.

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