Baseball in college sports

is for the birds. It’s to cold. And how do you get those arms warm?

Wonder does anybody ever get hurt. For fun is ok but in real life?

Most of the college games are played in the South early in the season. There are some cold games, but I don’t think it’s much different than what MLB players see in the North after the regular season begins in April or during some World Series.

I’ve seen a lot of cold baseball games played in Boston, New York, Detroit, Minneapolis and Chicago, to name some.

The weather was fine for the scrimmage today. It felt warm in the sun and the temperature was in the mid-50s. It will be the same tomorrow.

Thanks Matt, but and I me but I don’t do Boston, New York, D or M and Chicago.
And your correct.

I think next year it starts about a month later doesn’t it Matt or was that something they talked about and then tabled

Not MattJones but I think as you stated it was talked about but no action taken.

Yeah I know it was discussed and I thought they said it was going to go into action but I guess they backed off of it they were going to start the middle of March and then end later July but it may mess up with MLB so I guess it didn’t go through

Went to a Red Sox game a few years back. Beautiful 60+ degree day. Was filling out a credit card application by the 6th inning to get the free blanket that came with it🥶

They can’t even agree on hiring a third assistant coach, you think they can agree on pushing the season back a month?

That’s why I can’t even believe they were discussing it…

Well, they are voting on the third paid assistant this year. Now if they can just get the xii to vote for it.

The Big XII with nine baseball teams :man_facepalming: Iowa State is probably telling them how to vote.

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