Baseball game start time?

The hogs are scheduled to start at 7:00 on SECN.
The Chatt/Bama game is just starting and then the girls are slated to start at 5:00. It’s almost 4:00 and the Chatt/Bama game is in the 4th. If the games run past 7:00, will baseball start out on SECN+?

Game time won’t change.

Bama should be done by 5 unless they go extra innings. With any luck, we run-rule Princeton and get through early.

But if softball isn’t over by 7, baseball will start out somewhere else, maybe ESPNEWS.

Most likely

The game will be available on the ESPN app regardless of whether it starts on the network at 7.

I figured so, Matt. I knew it would be streaming, but I didn’t know if they would air it on another ESPN channel if the softball game ran over.

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