Baseball game Saturday?

What time is game?

Supposed to start at 2:00

I wonder if anyone has a report on what Baum is looking like today?

I’m not driving down there to look … and I’m less than a mile away. But I refuse to get out if I can avoid it.

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The grounds crew will
Have their work cut out for them to get Baum ready to play tomorrow! What is the expected high tomorrow?

How much snow did y’all get?

The roads are clear and dry. We did not get freezing rain or sleet this morning, just snow. I think they will play.

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I’m guessing between and 3 and 4 inches. Much of it melted quickly. By the time that I measured it in late afternoon, it was about 2 - 2.5 inches … and still melting.

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Well hopefully the melt doesn’t freeze over tonight, so we get to play tomorrow.

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