Baseball Game Day Question

If you get to the game when the gates open, do they let the baseball players sign autographs or is that out this year due to COVID?

I’m headed to the game on Sunday with my 5 yr old son and he loooooooves Christian Franklin and I was hoping to get an autograph and if not maybe a wave from CF to my son.

How’s that work this year? Anyone know?

I’m pretty sure there is no access for autographs due to covid.

I saw some people posting pix taken with players during the Ole Miss series, but then Ole Miss is pretending the pandemic is over. We haven’t reached that stage yet. I agree with Loyd that your chances of an autograph ain’t good. Unless you get him outside the ballpark after the game.

Your best bet might be to hit him up on social media and see if he’d sign something for your kid.

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There is no player access this year. In the past kids could go down behind the dugout after the game and they might get to talk to the players. That is not being allowed this year.

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