Baseball game canceled

Due to cold and snow. Will not be rescheduled.

I have to admit that I’m relieved. It was going to be cold out there.

Won’t help getting the reserves some in-game experience, but certainly keeps the SOS from taking another hit.

I wonder if they might try to add a game to the schedule before the season’s over. I’m guessing not, since we only have two more weeks of non-conference games scheduled, but I know at times they’ve done that before.

I think in the past when a midweek game was added, it was to add a win or help the RPI to help the postseason resume. This team doesn’t need that, and I’m not sure there are many options to schedule another midweek game. Missouri State is scheduled to come here next Tuesday and Arkansas State on May 11. The week between the LSU and Georgia series is finals week, so no midweek games are going to be scheduled then, and it’s unlikely to see one before the Florida series.

As @Piggus_NV pointed out, this will actually help Arkansas’ RPI and SOS by not playing Grambling State, not that it matters much for a team that is 30-6.

I’m kinda glad they’re not playing it. Injuries seem more likely in cold. We would’ve won by 15 runs & done nothing for ourselves. I’d rather the pitchers work in the warmth of the practice center.

They’ve played a lot baseball recently. Rest this time of year can be a good thing.

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Likely a real positive for our team, considering a Thursday start on the road.

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It snowed hard on my way to pick up my kids this afternoon.

Mo State is #83 in RPI; that wouldn’t be worth adding an extra game next week. That’s Q2 and we already have 12 Q1 wins.

Except we probably wouldn’t worry too much about our middle relievers against Grambling.

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