Baseball Commit List

Could you please direct me to an updated Hogs Baseball commitment list? Thanks.

Thanks for this link. I wonder how many of that great looking group will skip college.

Of the commitments, I found 3 in MLB’s Top 200 prospects.
Cole Phillips RHP (58)
Mason Neville OF (99)
Jayson Jones IF (147)

What I have noticed in last 8-10 years - if drafted in first 3 rounds, we will likely lose them to MLB. After that our chance of getting them to campus for fall ball is greatly improved.

In recent years, number of signees who were drafted and signed: 2017 - 3, 2018 - 2, 2019 - 1, 2020 - 3, 2021 - 5.

Stovall would have gone in the first three rounds if he hadn’t made it clear he was going to college. And teams were making pre-draft offers to get him to change his mind. But for the most part, teams won’t waste a high pick on a guy who isn’t going to sign.

As I remember, Zack Cox did the same thing.

top 7 and still 4th in SEC, it is the conference for top dogs and all the kids know it. When NCAA makes real schollies available then SEC will ascend to triple A level baseball across the conference.

Big week for SEC portal poaching which must somehow be reflected in ranking incoming classes, baseball not as up to date as basketball or football. LSU got NCST 1B and MsSt made some good steals, so I expect pending news once Omaha is totally in the rear view mirror and schollie divisions are figured out to max the roster which is better than salary cap manipulations which has become critical to pro teams success. Anyone know if there is a financial wiz making the call on 4/16 schollie to whom and how much schollie money is available to divide and distribute after signing the fall class?

I saw this morning where one of Vanderbilt’s pitcher signees, projected to be a first rounder, has declared that he will be coming to school.

Its not just the Ranking,look at the Ave.Player rating,LSU and Vandy are getting much better players it appears,LSU is about to be a real problem!! 11 top 100! and all these studs from the portal coming in with Crews,Morgan,etc.
There is no excuse for them to be beating us that bad with all the facilities we have,This has to be NIL and we better step it up big time,we are bringing in JUCO studs and they are bringing in proven college players.
We will see how we do now that we are back from Omaha.Ole miss picked up a real good Pitcher from Florida yesterday while still in Omaha.

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