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It is common in Football and Basketball for college coaches, who are successful, to get an opportunity to coach at the professional level. I can not recall this happening in baseball. Does anyone know if this has happened before? Why doesn’t this happen more in baseball? I am glad it doesn’t because I would think DVH would be at the top of that list.

Bobby Winkles (originally from Swifton) went from Arizona State to the California Angels in the 70’s.

I don’t know of any others.

Dick Howser went from Florida State to manage the Yankees and Royals. He was replaced at FSU by Mike Martin. But that was an odd case. He’d been the third base coach for the Yanks for 10 years, then FSU hired him for one season.

OP didn’t restrict this to HCs, if I read this correctly. Our pitching coach who Hobbs replaced went to the Twins. Don’t follow them so I don’t know if he is still there.

Wes Johnson was the first college coach to go directly to an MLB dugout since Dick Howser did it 38 years earlier. Typically college coaches are going to be hired in a different capacity by pro teams, but Johnson’s success in Minnesota seems to be opening up more opportunities. Matt Hobbs, for instance, was approached by the Yankees to interview for their pitching coach position. Other college coaches have interviewed for jobs in the last couple of years.

Yeah, I was thinking more on the Head Coaching part. Why wouldn’t a guy like DVH get a call to coach at the Major League level? Again, I’m glad he is not getting that opportunity.

Thanks Matt. Couldn’t recall his name at all and didn’t try to research it.

Nice Swifton reference…I’m a former Jackson county resident myself. Wasn’t expecting to see Swifton EVER mentioned on this board!

Wasn’t George Kell from Swifton?

I played against some good Newport teams in the 70’s. Are you from that era?

I know in pro baseball the head coach is called the manager. I never thought about it, but perhaps there is more to the difference in terminology than just the name. Perhaps in college the head guy really is more of a coach whereas in MLB he’s less a coach than the guy who manages the game. Just a thought. I’ll defer to those of you who know more about things like this than I do to correct me if I’m wrong.

Yes, George Kell was from Swifton. Used to have car dealership in Newport also. I used to play ball around those parts.

First, I doubt many top college coaches would like Major League Baseball and the long seasons and travel.

MLB wants to see someone manage that grind of minor league. Could Dave do it? Yes.

But it’s not about practice or coaching to manage at the pro level. It’s just straight strategy and handling egos.

You go to spring training in February. You finish in the fall. There are few nights off.

There are college head coaches making a better living than some MLB managers, and living in college towns where that money goes a lot farther. When the Red Sox won the World Series a few years ago, Alex Cora made $800,000. He was one of 10 MLB managers to make less than $1 million that year. I’m sure there are some nice bonuses written into their contracts, but there are a handful of college coaches making more money with less pressure to win.

No sir, I’m not from the 70’s era. I’m from a small town north of Newport (Tuckerman) and came through in the early 90’s. But played hoops in just about every gym in a 75 mile radius over the years there.

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Tuckerman - Home of Bad News Barnes.

They had a good baseball/basketball player when I was coming through named Ronnie Parrott.

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