Baseball challenge

Many things make baseball an interesting sport.

It is the only sport where

  • players are positioned outside the field of play. (catcher and batter)
  • each team is guaranteed the same number of plays. (27 outs)
  • the coach dresses in the uniform like his players.
  • a play out of bounds is valid. (fly ball caught in foul territory)
  • each field is not the same size.
  • the periods (innings) are not timed.

There is one thing when compared to the other major team-sports - football, basketball, and hockey, and soccer could be included, too - which makes baseball unique. Can you name it?

The defense controls the ball…

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I’m sure there are many, but here’s one…

A player doesn’t move with the ball (puck) and place it in a designated area (end zone, hoop, net, etc.) to score.

Nice job, Mike.

A teammate and I discussed this in high school. I have asked this question to dozens of people in the 35 years since and no one has got that answer.

I would counter that the field of play is everything inside the fences, fair or foul, because the ball can be played in foul territory. Basketball and soccer players frequently stand out of bounds for inbounds passes, corner kicks, etc., so that’s not that big of a distinction.

The defense controlling the ball was something that developed. In the early days of baseball, the pitcher’s job was to throw something the batter could hit – in essence throwing BP. This came from cricket, although a skilled bowler can induce the occasional out there too.

Time does not come into play for Baseball as it does other sports…except for pitching to move the game along but it does not start out with a set amount of time to be played.

Of the ones you mentioned, only baseball uses an implement (gloves) to handle the ball. Lacrosse and Jai Alai are other sports doing the same. I guess you could say soccer uses shoes to do the same, so maybe this is not irontight. :slight_smile:

There is NO game clock; the game is over then the final out is recorded, whenever or however long that may take.

I DO have one minor beef with one of your points. The two teams are NOT "guaranteed’ the same number of plays. If the home team is ahead after the top of the 9th (or whatever inning, if it goes into extra innings), they do not bat and therefore would have 3 less outs than their opponent.

Say you were playing your hated rival. Even though the game is decided, could the home team chose to bat one more time? Its probably like calling the game because of the weather. The Umps can chose to end it when the outcome is decided, I guess, but I thought I would get clarification. Kind of like the “mercy rule”, once the outcome is reasonably certain, the game can end regardless of the actual number of at bats.

Wins and losses are credited to individuals (pitchers) as well as the team.

Hockey sticks, and goalie gloves in hockey. Both implements used to handle the ball/puck. Regular players can catch and drop the puck with their gloves as well, but not direct it to another player.

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