Baseball center

The UA released a couple of new renderings today of the baseball and track centers that are going to be built over the next couple of years.

The cost of the project has also increased to in excess of $26 million (from an estimated $20-25 million) in order to dig and construct a tunnel from the practice facility to the first-base dugout, which will be Arkansas’ home dugout beginning with likely the 2021 season. There had been some thought the Razorbacks might have a game-day locker room and one in the new facility like the football team has, but the addition of the tunnel means the team will move dugouts.

Anybody else think they should just go ahead and name the building for Norm DeBriyn now and be done with it?

That would be a great move .

Matt please clarify…

Is the tunnel going from dugout to the new facility or to the Fowler Center?

New facility.

Bet we (as a team) will benefit more from this than the RRS end-zone re-do. Try and trump this Miss State.

Got to be one of the finest (if not the finest) college baseball facilities in the country when finished. Already ranks right up there now.

Looking at that second picture really confused me. However, I now realize–or at least I think I realize–that the second picture is of the McDonnell track, not Baum-Walker Stadium. Am I right? Is there also an upgrade scheduled for the track?

Agree it’d be a nice touch to name the new building after Norm. We’re gonna have to have something to name after DVH in 10-15 years, though.

Yes, if you check the OP, Matt stated as much:

Also, check out the official announcement from the U of A: New Additions for Baseball and Track Facilities Coming Soon

Doh! (slapping forehead)

There are two separate track projects that are about to start - the construction of an operations center on the grounds of McDonnell Field, and an overhaul of the Tyson Track Center. I wrote about them previously here: … ion-radar/