Baseball broadcasts

Are the Hogs baseball games this weekend going to be streamed for any kind of viewing?

Available on SECN+.

Thanks…the article I read made no mention of start times, either. I use to be able to get ESPN+ on my smart TV, but no longer…will have to watch on my desk top computer.

Couple of things for you…

  1. You just need the regular ESPN app, not ESPN+. Once on the ESPN app, go to SEC Network+ to get the game.
  2. All HOME non-con games and all SEC games (home and away) will be streaming on SEC Network + on the ESPN app.

As noted in another thread:

Yes, all games this weekend are scheduled to be on SEC network+.

BTW, you can learn where games can be seen by going to the schedule page on the official web site.

Heads up, there is only one ESPN App, that’s it. That App represents multiple espn “networks” within that App. Also, just because you have access to ESPN it does not mean you have access to ESPN+ through the myriad of ways we all pay to access espn. I have DIRECTV espn sec package but can’t access espn+. But luckily I have access to it “free” through Verizon. This is why my answer was short and to the point- available on SEC+, I never said there was an espn+ app.

ESPN+ is on the ESPN app. You go to the account portion and there are two options to login. One is for your TV provider and the other is basically for ESPN+. But you do NOT need ESPN+ to view any Arkansas baseball games.

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Marty are you ready to hear PLAY BALL!

Well, I’m ready to WATCH. I’m going to wear many layers tomorrow.

Section 106, row G, on the aisle next to 107.

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Well I know for sure form past years you are prepared for all weather conditions.
Enjoy the game.

I had the ESPN app, but it has disappeared for some reason! May have to do with my Sony remote not working. The Dish remote does not show the ESPN app…don’t think it ever did. Too bad I don’t have any grand kids to fix stuff for me!

I’ve been watching this weekend’s games on the ESPN app. Does anybody know about next weekend’s games? It’s the Round Rock Classic and the schedule says FloBaseball. Is FloBaseball the internet site that will show the games? If so, can anyone view or is it a subscription-type thing?

Any info appreciated.

IIRC, it’s a subscription. Don’t recall whether there was a free trial offer.

I think all of the Flo sites (FloTrack, FloBaseball, etc.) have a 7-day free trial. I do know you can cancel anytime.

That similar to what I did with the short horn network when I watched the higs play Texas a couple of years ago. Watch em play then cancel before you forget.

Just checked them out, no free trial offered. It’s $30/month or $150/year, cancel anytime you want. A bit pricey for 3 games. Guess I’ll be listening on the app this weekend.

Try going to the Colonial Athletic Association website. FloSports is broadcasting the CAA games this year.

I don’t remember exactly where I saw this info now, but I was able to go onto the CAA site and go through their “watch” app and sign up for Flo there at a discounted rate. I believe it was $12.50 per month, cancel anytime.

Thank you for this information!!

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Just make sure they didn’t charge you for 12 months at that price which would be about 150 bucks.

Yes, I did double check that. The 12 month price was actually $7.50 per month, but I chose the month to month plan and made sure you could cancel anytime.