Baseball bracketology

As we hit the midway mark of SEC play. The bracket forecasts didn’t start this weekend, but I found a couple of them interesting. thinks we’ll host a regional but not have a national seed. They have Baylor, Misery State and Rhode Island in our regional. <LINK_TEXT text=“ … ojections/”></LINK_TEXT>

Baseball America has us as a #2 seed in Lubbock with TTech as a national seed.

I’m sure there are other diamond bracketology sites; feel free to contribute any you know about.

I posted this projection here a few days ago. I know it’s not very likely to turn out this way - a lot of baseball yet to be played. But I sure would LOVE to see it!


Here’s another update (from Monday the 17th).

Another deja vu situation - Arkansas hosting Florida State. We’ve played them a few times in NCAA Tournament action, with positive results. They were in Fayetteville in 2004 for a Super Regional that the Hogs won in two games. That was the year of the Toops grand slam, though that came against Wichita State in the Regional that sent us to the Super.

Having OU included adds a lot of local juice as well. … acketology

I think Arkansas will get a regional if it wins the division and/or finishes in the top three of the conference standings. I think it would be on the fringe with a fourth or fifth place finish in the conference, although I still think there would be a shot. The SEC should get at least four regional sites this year because the conference is strong. Arkansas has been the strongest team so far, but that can change in a hurry; we saw that in 2009.

I don’t see Arkansas becoming a national seed unless it steamrolls the back half of the conference schedule, which is unlikely because of the unpredictability of the pitching stuff. To be honest, I can’t see the Razorbacks being a national seed without a conference championship.