Baseball Box Scores

I inquired about box scores from each game not appearing on the UA website last weekend. It was just a slip-up. They are there now, and will be after each game. Marty asked so I checked into it and discovered it was just not getting to everything the first weekend. Early in the year, staff is scrambling between basketball and baseball. That was the case last weekend. There will be more attention to detail with baseball going forward, beginning today.

Thank you Mr Henry

Oh Clay, thank you, thank you, thank you!

They did NOT put up full box scores for much of the year last year. (Not that I really wanted to read some of those.) But these are exactly what other schools provide and what I want to see.

Now if they would only do the pitch sequences, it would be perfect. I guess that I shouldn’t complain, but I did get used to having that.

So for example, instead of saying Cole hit by pitch, it would say Cole hit by pitch (KSF).

I would like to see season stats. Where/who will provide. My best way to learn the players performance overall etc.

Max, the season stats are on the official site. Just go to the baseball page. There will be a link for stats. I’ll try to remember to post a link for you later.

Max, the stats for baseball can be seen here: Baseball Stats Page. There are links for season stats for multiple years, either in PDF format or as a web page.