Baseball and ... fishing?


LOVE baseball, hate fishing… sorry but a good pic.

Now I posted it, do not like fishing.

Something is fishy here.

Why in the world do I not like fishing?
Might be due to my Essential Tremors. Just can’t even bait a hook or hold a fishing pole steady. Love water but fishing not so much.

Maybe just maybe in 1978 when my first wife caught more fish than me, it was game over…


Rz339, in reading your note I now better appreciate my younger daughter’s efforts for doing the related scut work in supporting my now occasional fishing trips. As life phases have occurred it is no longer my equipment supporting her, but now her fishing gear, boat, and guide. As my father’s father imparted to him, and he in turn to me, my daughter carries on that love of the moment of interchange between the fish and fisherman whether pond, lake, or river.

I agree, there is something fishy with the In the Bleacher depiction…

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