Baseball America ranks Baum top college ballpark … ballparks/


Was just going to post that…

But we are going to have to up our game when the “New Dude” is finished next year in Starkville

I figure a CWS championship will allow DVH to ask for more!


Love Baum. Only typically get to one game a year. The only other SEC stadium I’ve visited is Lindsey Nelson field (Tennessee). It was not impressive at all.

It’s interesting that South Carolina’s park was a copy of Baum – with red seats. I know red is the school color, although Carolina goes with garnet. I can recall the discussion on whether to put red seats in Baum, or not. Norm DeBriyn thought – and is right – that green chair backs is the traditional style for baseball stadiums. It just looks right.

Not only that, but try getting a read on a line drive with a red backdrop. The red seams make it difficult for defenders to do sometimes.

I emailed back and forth with Teddy Cahill a few times today about this. He said he thinks this is the first BA ranking of ballparks since 2003, when Arkansas ranked No. 2.

It will be interesting to see how much movement there will be if/when BA does another batch of these rankings. Florida, Kentucky and Oklahoma State all have plans for new ballparks, and Mississippi State is renovating Dudy Noble at a cost of $55 million. The OSU ballpark is supposed to cost around $75 million, which is the most expensive I’ve heard of for a college stadium.

I recall that being discussed here on the boards. We definitely made the right decision. See Bogle Park, if you have any doubt.