Baseball America poll is ridiculous

So, Texas beats Tech 2 or 3 at home and zooms up 8 spots? Meanwhile, we sweep a good Mizzou team and move up 1? And Tech is still ranked ahead of us?

I’m not saying we should have moved up more, but I do believe Texas is over-rated and ripe for us to go into Austin and re-calibrate their expectations. … ll-top-25/

I guess it depends on which Texas teams shows up the one that played LSU and swept them must have been very good cuz they hit the ball well and pitched it very well but then again they lost five or six games so they’re very up-and-down. If we don’t start hitting the ball better we’re going to lose quite a few games.


I guess it depends on which Texas teams shows up the one that played LSU and swept them …

[/quote]It appears to me that Texas plays very well at home, as do the Hogs. I’m expecting a tough two games this mid-week.

I do think a 4 ranking is a bit high for a team with 7 losses

Texas is not the 4 team in the country for sure,they don’t hit the ball real well and to be that high you have to be solid in all areas IMO.

Couple of comments in response. LSU, for all of their talent, has clearly not gotten it all together just yet. Texas caught them at the right time. Yes, it’s impressive that the Horns swept them, but just because LSU was #1 pre-season doesn’t mean that’s where they’ll end up. Although you can be sure they’ll be on their “A” game by the time we play them.

And, yes - we probably will lost “quite a few games”. Doesn’t really bother me. Sure, I MUCH prefer to win; but we lost 20 games last year and were one pop fly from winning the whole enchilada. So I know we’re going to have some bumps and bruises as we go through the SEC schedule. As will virtually all of our conference brethren.

Absolutely agree that timing is everything when it comes time to playing somebody. LSU was not hitting or pitching very well when they played Texas but sweeping anyone of that caliber is quite an accomplishment. Yes we’re going to have some ups and downs this year for sure but the key is to keep getting better as the season goes and peak at the right time.

Perhaps its the fact that of all the top 15 teams the Razorbacks are the ONLY team that has played ZERO quadrant 1 teams so far. All the others have played at least 3 and as many as 10.

Texas has played 10 quadrant 1 games (6-4)
Texas Tech has played 8 quadrant 1 games (3-5)

Granted this will take care of itself once we play more conference games, but to date our schedule “appears” soft on paper. It might turn out different as these teams we beat do better, but right now… not surprising. We do have a “predicted” number of 28 quadrant 1 games but right now having played ZERO, I think that hurts us with the paper pushers (ie baseball america) but not so much the coaches.


I watched LSU over the weekend and they weren’t impressive at all! Pitching,defense or offense. The box majic saved them.
I think the hogs will start hitting and if the pitching maintains we will be fine.
i think the hogs will beat Texas! Just my gut feeling. I hope Wicklander has a good outing if he starts Tuesday.
The rankings in my opinion don’t mess much before the first of April.


You weren’t watching the same games I was. LSU pretty much steamrolled Kentucky Saturday and Sunday. Announcers were talking about how their pitchers hadn’t been throwing strikes and suddenly this weekend they did.

I do too…