Baseball America has the class at No. 3

DVH has put his mark on the game by going to the CWS and the exposure has helped him land solid players.

And the facilities have helped DVH to land those good players.

Marty facilities are a big part of it!

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Which class. 2020?

This ought to be another great yr. I think we can get back to Omaha. If you haven’t been I highly recommend it! Good times.

Good assistant coaches who will put in the time in evaluation (along with the head coach at their side) is a big part of this. I’m told by a rival college coach that Dave is getting almost every offer to commit. They are getting who they want in almost every case. Now so are some other schools. Vandy and Texas are pulling in great players, too.

It’s tough on Arkansas kids right now because the national recruiting is going well. Scholarship money is tough to spread to so many who want to come.

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Omaha is always a great time. The first time I went I had no idea what to expect. I’ve been five times now. I’ve been able to take my wife three times and my son twice, and we’ve developed go-to restaurants and entertainment areas, and drive around without the need of a GPS. We love Omaha.

Yes sir I agree, there’s a really nice steak restaurant not far from the stadium, kinda fancy but food is wonderful.

Which one do you like? There are only about 50 in town. Our favorite is The Drover, but it was closed last year because of a fire that had destroyed a lot of the building.

I asked one of the Omahans, an older man who works at the stadium, if he could recommend any replacements and he said, “Just check to see when they opened. If they’ve been open for a while, they have great steak. You can’t stay in the steak business here if your steaks aren’t good.”

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Lots of baseball in my future this year. My granddaughter is dating one of the starters for the Har-Ber team.

Drover’s reopened, Matt. Here’s a review of the new and improved place:

Same old Drover

Reading that made me hungry.

wow … 2009. This is sure fun. I’m only back 23 days and I can pick just about anything to bring up. Want to do some more?