Bart Starr has died.

If I remember correctly, he took the job from LaMar McHan and won everything in sight.

He was an awesome QB and leader. Lombardi and Starr
made a great brain trust for those Packers.

A great QB for sure. From what I hear, a very good man as well.

My favorite team and player growing up.

When I was a kid, I had a good friend who was born in Green Bay while his dad was in the military up there. This was immediately after the Lombardi dynasty. His bedroom was a shrine of green and gold, he made sure he played on the Peewee League Packers (as I did) and that he wore #15 because that was Bart Starr’s number (I was #10; the numbers were 1-30 and had nothing to do with positions).

Almost 50 years later, I’m still a Packers fan and own one worthless share of Packers stock. That probably has something to do with my friendship with Tony, as well as my sense that Green Bay is kind of the Razorbacks of the NFL – small market, tends to get overlooked for flashier teams in bigger cities.

I do have to note here that Bart Starr was a product of the pre-Bear Bryant Ocean Scum. Seems to have been better than your average Bummer, perhaps because he predated the Bryant-Saban arrogance and entitlement.

I mostly remember Bart Starr from the “Ice Bowl”. What a game!

My best friend and I were GB Packer fans growing up… I had a GB jersey - #22 Carol Dale… my first name is Dale so that was great. the #22 has been my number pretty much every team I’ve been on since then. My buddy had a #44 Donnie Anderson - his first name was Donnie. Watched the Ice Bowl with my Dad who was a Cowboy’s fan… I’ll never forget that day.
They’ve been my team for over 50 years with Da’ Boy’s being my #2 much later in life.

Makes me sad as so many of my childhood idols are leaving… guess that means I’m getting old…

An era of great slobberknocker football. The Pack, Bears, Browns, Eagles, Steelers, Vikings, Lions and Cowboys played some fierce football. I remember the “Ice” game. Bloodied and bruised grown men playing their hearts out.

Lombardi symbolized football to me.

I saw on 60 minutes several years ago the waiting list for season tickets to GB was approaching 30 years… staggering the fever pitch loyalty of GB fans.

Bart Starr, Paul Horning, Jim Taylor and that team were my childhood hero’s. Huge Packer fan.

I’ve read a good deal about Bart. A great player but a better man.

Prayers for his family.

A Legend puts it mildly.
RIP Bart Starr

The reason I own a share of Packers stock is they had a stock issue in 2012 to pay for the last expansion of Lambeau Field to its current capacity of 81,441, and I figured that would be my last and only chance to own part of a pro franchise. Cost me $250. Resale value: Zero.

They added about 7000 seats on top of the south end zone. In spite of that, the waiting list is 115,000 people. They turn over about 400 ticketholders per year, so that’s about a 30 year wait. Some people put their kids on the waiting list while they’re in diapers. Ticket holders are not guaranteed to be able to renew their tickets but obviously the vast majority do.

I was a Packer fan most of my life because of his team. I met him in the Birmingham airport 15 years ago and he was kind enough to indulge me asking him questions for about 30 minutes as we waited to board a plane. Very nice man.