Bart is still here? Acceptance of mediocrity?

Terribly confusing of acceptance of mediocrity?
LSU fires a coach that has a 70% winning percentage.
Taken team to 2 National Championship games, won one, lost one.
Won SEC West twice.
SEC champion twice.
Bowl record 5-3.
He gets fired at the airport when he gets home from a nail biting loss on the road.

66% winning percentage 9 (50% at ARK)
No conference or national games, much less championships.
4 bowl wins, 4 bowl losses.
He comes home from getting his tail kicked and Jeff Long gives him a hug and a ham sandwich.

Acceptance of mediocity.

dumbest post I’ve seen in a while.

Yet we keep losing and you keep your head in the sand, Obama.

Sickntired is trolling. Did the same thing last week. His post and reasoning is laughable.

We had a dude that did this a couple of years ago. Eventually he stepped over the line and was banned. Sickntired has to do much better to meet his standard of trolling.

Surely he has better than this mess… :wink:

And that shall be my last reply to one of his post…

Very ignorant post!

Yet we accept more negative trolls here, who have nothing to say when we beat ranked teams in and out of the conference.
Would that be calling it “acceptance of negativity” or “acceptance of trolls” or both?

Dispute what IO posted with facts, your opinion is worth nothing. Don’t be scared, you are safe, little one.

Les had a descending record over the last few years. Our coach is still in ascension. I have no issues at this point. Keep getting better until we are a steady 10 win team with a shot at a really great season.

Put a sock in it, Sick. There are plenty of other teams out there who’d just love a guy like you. Go pick one because you’re obviously not one of our guys.