Barry Switzer on The Buzz

What’d he say?


He makes a lot of great points why it should be Leach. Whether we want to believe it or not, currently we are the Washington St of the SEC. I agree with him that Leach would more than likely have us winning earlier than any other of the coaches on our lists. Probably give us our best shot at a bowl, even next year, especially with MS ST, OM, and MO all down.

I still prefer Kiffin, but I’d be very happy with Mike Leach too.


I like Mike Leach he’s a unique guy but I disagree that Leach would have us winning quicker,the really good defensive teams have shut his offense down, why Washington is won 7 straight against them, they just dropped back into 7/8 man Zone and he can’t find anybody to throw it to.lot of good DC in this league and I think they need to figure his offense that very quickly.

I think we’re going to have to find somebody that has a balanced offense that can keep teams honest and Kiffin has done that

I think Kiffin would have a staff that would play pay more attention to defense to that Leach would.
I’m just hoping we have our new Head Coach soon!

Regardless of Leach’s abilities on the field, BOT will not deal with his combative temperament & ongoing disputes, legal & otherwise. Leach will step on toes, including his outspoken politics, and BOT won’t risk scaring off big donors which UofA is heavily dependent on for endowment & support.

FWIW, Stoerner was on the Buzz and also said Leach.

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Not against Leach based on his abilities, just doubt the BOT would ok that hire based on some past negatives - same concerns about whether the BOT would ok Kiffin.

Question how much freedom the BOT is giving HY in this search & how much of this process is a tug of war between the AD & BOT. Seems the BOT would bow out & trust HY after the Mussleman hire, but apparently not.

Not disagreeing. Just passing along what he said.

BOT needs to just check the box for HY. Administrators have a track record of setting athletics back. The vetting process should be a go no go line item. If it is a go then shut your pie hole and support the AD.

Interesting article today regarding the BOT history vs AD in this & prior hiring processes.

BOT need to recognize that their meddling has resulted in the mess that we are currently in & the need to allow HY the freedom to do his job. Otherwise, BOT jeopardize the current search & scare off HC candidates. In the end, the BOT may run off HY.

If Leach can tone down his outside distractions & his combative nature with the press & administrators, could see him coming to Fayetteville. Arkansas access to nearby talent rich Texas & Leach’s history of recruiting TX, especially with his uptempo offense, there might be the right synergy that makes him successful at Arkansas. Don’t believe that Leach would be as intimidated by the needed overhaul of our football program.

An interesting opinion on Leach from ESPN Washington: " WSU coach Mike Leach’s success isn’t worth his shortcomings"

Probably in part why HY has not hired Leach yet & likely being asked to first exhaust all other options. In terms of performance & on the field upside, Leach may be our best available candidate.

I like my coaches to be sore losers

Sore losers? … No.
Pissed off at losing? … Yes.

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