Barry Odom’s OC

Will be Bobby Petrino.

Can’t wait to read this board’s reaction to this news

My First reaction is “Who Cares??”

Just saying.

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Well I remember Sam having a pretty good conversation with BP after the game and you can clearly see BP say call me!! So I’m not surprised at all.

Vegas good place for Bobby. What happens there stays there. I enjoy watching his offense.


Great choice.

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Cool. Thanks for responding

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I bet this is a direct result of Odom going against Bobby this season and Odom being very impressed.

I’m sure Barry respected Bobby’s play calling but going against probably enhanced it.


Barry is certainly off to a good start with hires. This one will assure the offense is high powered.


It will help put people in the seats next fall. Good for both sides


This…. :point_up_2:

Took the words right out of my mouth RD. He saw an experienced play caller looking to possible move that gave his D fits and made the move. Probably a good one on Odom’s part for sure!

Ironic? Nah.

How about a couple of other words.

Well who died and made you Alanis Morisette? LOL!

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A+M should have hired him, but I am glad they did not.


How bout “It Figures” :laughing:

Better UNLV than aTm. Great hire for Odom.


Odom hired James Shibest as his special teams coach.


Odom can only hope it’s more like “You live, you learn”…


A lot of people keep expecting Michael Scherer to join Odom’s staff.

Are insiders hearing anything about that? Is it a matter of him heading to UNLV after the bowl game, or do we have a shot at actually keeping him?

Will he call the defense for the bowl game?

I expect us to have a DC by then, but it would seem unfair to ask him to step on the sidelines so quickly.

Hopefully we’ll get answers tomorrow during Pittman’s press conference, but what are people’s thoughts in the meantime?

I have seen this expectation reported multiple places, though it is not “official” at this point (to my knowledge).

And I’m not surprised; it’s what I would expect of a kid who played for Odom and came here because of him. Will miss him if he leaves, as I think he has a bright future in coaching. But understand.

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