Barry Odom is on board as DC per Coach Pittman

just now on the Paul Finebaum Show.

Coach Pittman said Coach Odom is in his car headed to Fayetteville.


This! Thumbs up!

CBO vast SEC experience, just what CSP needs. Not hearing anything on OC?

Great start on the coordinators.

Stoked about this hire!!!

Full confidence CSP will put together a fully competent staff that will be able to recruit and get the best effort from their players.
Hopefully, they will be able to attract some SEC caliber players to come on board right away, but I think the following years recruiting class will need to be an impact class.

Odom is a huge hire but the OC hiring in my opinion will be his most important hire because of so much concern about the head coach being an O L coach. Some seem to think that O L coaches lack offensive creativity. I am hopeful that his O C will be known for his flexibility and creativity.

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Curious as to how much leeway is given to the OC & DC in hiring the remaining team staff. The good news is that CSP is well networked & respected such that he should be well qualified to knowingly participate in these hiring decisions.

This early signing period is a huge handicap for teams with HC turnover & needing to recruit but also having to quickly hire their staffs so that they can recruit.

HY needs to be credited for what he did with the contract. If we can provide the money to support quality assistants we can work our way out of this mess. HY I believe is high quality AD.

Great hire, really excited about this one. Definitely not a guy washed up or 10 years past his prime.

I was just thinking about this…it is going to be a difficult transition for Barry Odom going from head coach to defensive coordinator. He is moving down, not up. I guess that is the life of a coach. He will have to move, get his mind right and go to work. I suspect he will be paid pretty big money to do his job, but you know it will be an adjustment.

He probably will be motivated by his pride and maybe the goal of becoming a head coach again. He is only 43, so that is certainly a realistic goal.

I’m told by Missouri people I know that this is a GREAT hire for DC and OL. Both say Arkansas just hired best three coaches from two SEC East teams (Georgia and Missouri). They liked Pittman, Odom and Davis.