Barry Odom; I sure hope that Sam gets someone trained-up

to takeover for Barry. What a Defensive masterpiece. He will be someone’s new head coach in 2012

2021 -

Well maybe. He is only one season removed from being fired by Misery, so there’s that. I thought he did a solid job in a tough situation, but the Show Me folks thought otherwise. He’s got money in the bank now, so maybe he would prefer being a Defensive maestro for a few years while someone else deals with the more unpleasant aspects of being the face of the program.

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would be wonderful if he would turn into our Brent Venables, who has turned down head coaching offers to remain at Clemson where he is very well paid

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It was an effective scheme and Barry is a good defensive mind, but it would seem that some other coaches and the players upped their game too. The effort and intensity of the defense seemed light years ahead of recent years, so props to the entire staff and the players would be in order. This was one game, so as excited as I am for the improvement, I would love to see a pattern. Keep it up Hogs, WPS.

Why don’t we just enjoy having him coach our defense this year? We Hog fans, including myself, are always looking at the dark side and what could happen. Let’s just try to be happy we now have players who can actually play solid defense. It is like the black cloud has been lifted.


Great point! The first coaching name I thought of was our LB coach, Rion Rhoades. Most every poster, including myself, were more concerned about our LB play this season than any other position. Also, when he was hired there was some consternation about Rion’s hiring, including from me again.

Linebacker play has been a bright spot so far this year. Rion appears to be another very good asst coach hire by Sam and Barry. Overall, I think this is probably the best staff we’ve assembled in about 5 years (since Sam left).

Obvious that our tackling against MSU, especially in the first half of that game & against GA, has been much better than it has been in recent years. Poor tackling was the norm under Chad & late in Bert’s tenure at Arkansas.

Not sure how much of that can be attributed to Odom, or due to the culture of toughness & accountability that Coach Pittman brings to Arkansas, or both.

That is for certain and obvious. I have not seen any “chicken fighting” tackling. For the most part, they get the guy around the legs and take him down. The SEC has great backs and there are going to be misses, but you can limit those by doing it correctly.

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I’m ecstatic to have Odom, but let’s not act as if he’s irreplaceable. Few good AC’s remain for long. I’d like to have him 2-3 years, but I know it’s likely he’ll end up as an HC again somewhere soon. The key isn’t to keep great assistants, the key is to find other great assistants to replace them. Broyles was a master at that.

Can’t underestimate the value of attracting the best coordinators & the ability of head coaches to find, attract, manage, & retain great coordinators. When CSP & staff turn around AR football program, our ability to attract the best coordinators (& recruits) will be much easier.

Even Alabama with great talent & with Saban have slumped after departure of some of their best coordinators, especially after Kirby’s departure to GA. The impact of Venables at Clemson is obvious. His longevity there keeps me hopeful that Odom will stay longer at Arkansas if he enjoys success as DC at UofA & prefers that over the responsibilities & ongoing turmoil of being a HC.

Don’t misunderstand me. I’d love him to stay. It’s just that I don’t want to hang my hat on it happening & I don’t want us to think the sky is falling if he leaves.

Understand & totally agree. Great if we can keep Odom long term, but the foundation has been laid for a much better future for us, with or without him.

Let’s see it happen the whole season before we worry too much. What ever happened to the DC that shutout Ole Miss and LSU back to back in 2016?

Good head coaches must and do replace assistant coaches. It’s part of the job. Sam is well thought of among the coaching fraternity. He’ll do well when it’s time to replaces coaches. He was able to hire all of his number one picks and had other good options. He will continue to hire good coaches when openings happen.

Covid19 is going to restrict many school’s capacity to buy out coaches this year. We saw a lot smaller number of basketball coaches fired last spring. I would not be surprised if there are a very small number of open head coaching positions. I’d cut his odds of leaving in half as a result. That may go from 100 to 50, or 50 to 25. We’ll see.

Odom has a great plan, but he has obviously coached these guys up and have them playing with toughness that has been sorely missed. I don’t think he will be leaving anytime soon, but the schools with big bucks are always lurking. WPS

There are advantages to Odom remaining at Arkansas. He truly likes Sam and is obviously appreciated by Sam (they walk together nearly every day.) When he came to town that first day, he came to the Catfish Hole for a recruiting dinner. I spoke to him for a few minutes. He told me that he and his wife had stopped in Bentonville where his wife has family. He is from Oklahoma originally. Being in NWA, he is right in the middle of his home territory.

If the right job came along, he might well consider it. I suspect that he can be picky. What we don’t know is how coaching salaries will be affected by the potential loss of revenue by most athletic departments.

CBB claimed he always had a list of +20 great assistant coaches who wanted to work for him. That turned out to be a really bad stretch. The staff CSP put together seem to be the real deal and from what I heard there are great assistants that want to work for him. A thought since our Athletic Dept seems to be strapped for funds, let’s start a GFM for assistant coaches pay increases.

I think you may be correct, could work in our favor