Barry Odom has a mutual interest

at Louisville! Interesting to say the least. Even though he has owned us he is only 19-18 in 3 years at Mizzou. I think this would be a shock if he did leave Mizzou!

Negotiation ploy probably. He took the Mizzou job for virtually nothing as an Alum when Pinkel left and all of the protests, etc. were going on.

He was not pleased he didn’t get a new deal after last season. Talk up there has been that they have been “working” on one. Who knows for sure.

There are some interesting factions in their booster base as well.

Read elsewhere only $2mm of his salary is guaranteed.

Drew Lock is gone and franchise QBs don’t grow on trees.

Time to get paid is now - either at MO or elsewhere.

Bet they have a real shot at KB
Although we hate to think that :rage:

KB will not go to Mizzou! I ‘m not saying he is definitely coming to Arkansas, he could go to Auburn BUT I cannot see him at Mizzou!

Barry, or his agent, has a mutual interest in the Louisville job, it’s called a raise.

'Tis the season for Jimmy Sexton.

After the loss at South Carolina, Odom was on shaky ground. He knows that it does not take much to lose the fan base. Lock is a great quarterback. That’s a real blow. I like Taylor Powell a lot, but he’s still a very inexperienced.