"Barry Odom had them boys bringing the pain."

That was a quote I brought from a Mississippi State board. It was true. The Hogs were laying the wood on those hits. It was so good to see. We used to hit hard, and now we are playing smart, fast and hitting hard. It is just great to see how excellent coaches can transform a team.

You brought up a key word “coaches”!
The players are getting coached and pushed to play the game! Heart and effort won’t always win against a more talented team but you can sure stay on any game playing together and with a positive attitude.
You can’t find an “I” in the word team.
Last night the defense was tired and wore out from being on the field but when they needed a big play they delivered. That’s heart and want too!

Nothing is better than going to the opposing team’s message board after beating them

Best hitting defensive team since the Speight, Flowers, Philon team easily.



How true!


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I am just happy to see untalented players become magically talented from last year. Amazing how coaches X’s and O’s effect there Jimmy and Joe’s talent level apparently.

Playing hard is more important than anything. Gas, it is the essence of coaching.


Amen, Clay. They all know x’s and o’s.

Great coaches recruit, organize and motivate.

The kids played their heart out and deserve to win that game! This should give us some confidence going forward with the game on the line.

Living in Mississippi I have a ton of Mississippi State friends,so finally I get bragging rights for the year :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Agree. In addition, great head coaches and coordinators must be excellent at hiring. One thing Sam did in a few short weeks was hire better coaches than either of our last 2 head coaches. Then Sam, Barry and Kendal, together, hired better assistant coaches than either of our 2 previous coaches and coordinators. That was a GREAT start to our first SEC win in 20 games.

I sure hope we can keep CBO for yrs to come, but it will be hard to keep schools knocking his door down to be a head coach again.

If our defense continues to play like they did, CBO will have some attractive job offers. I hope that he will coach here a long time, but I fear that he won’t be here for more than 2 years. Great coaching does matter and so far this staff has changed the whole attitude and culture of the team. Maybe the disasters of JLS, BB, and CM are behind us.


Sam will be able to hire more good coaches. Plenty want to work for him. He is well thought of because of the kind of person and coach that he is.


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