Barry Norton

Not Razorback related but Barry Norton, the highly successful HC at Texarkana Texas High School has jumped ship and is now the HC at Texarkana Arkansas High School…lots of positive chatter surrounding Arkansas High right now who as many ppl believe has the athletes to succeed but has lacked discipline and leadership in getting the kids to perform at a high level

Interesting days coming up

Actually, it IS Razorback related . . . just not the U of A variety.


It will be an interesting game next fall.

Martin, the last time something similar happened was Swede Lee leaving Texas High for Arkansas High back in the 60s, I think. Memory is a little fuzzy.

He did just as you suggested, started pulling guys out of PE, out of band class, ( an exaggeration for sure) but the thing he did was blow up than football program up into a couple of state championships and was always competitive while there. And beat Texas High for the first time in several years.

Just like Little Rock but on a smaller scale, the athletes are there, waiting.

I’ve always wondered how did NLR get sooooooo good yet Central is…Well Central.

Does Denny Burdine still coach at Texas High on has he retired from there as well?

Burdine has been at AHS as defensive coordinator and track coach. I am told he is going to continue to coach track and not coach football. He teaches several AP history classes. It is my understanding from talking to someone close to the situation that he wanted to relinquish his football duties due to the time required for the AP classes (at least it factored into things).