Barry Lunney, Jr. to UTSA

BLJ will be Jeff Traylor’s OC. I see this as very good news. Barry needs to get some experience as an OC to make himself more marketable. I’m happy for him.



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Congrats to Barry - I think good news for all parties.

Welp…I mentioned this yesterday in one of my posts with a ? after it and wondered if this is why no news and not on recruiting trail. He has earned it and wish him the best. Hate to lose him and his ties to the state but Caldwell has solid ties and I bet Pittman does as well. All the best to BLJ!

I’m happy for him and sorry for us. I’d really hoped he’d stay here & maybe get the OC job here. Still, it’s a move up for him. At least it’s a move that might get him an HC gig somewhere.

Or get him the OC job here in 2 or 3 yrs. We may initially get a name who moves on after a successful 2 or 3 years. We could then bring Barry back as an experienced replacement OC.


UTSA is getting a good start. Two excellent coaches and recruiters. Good luck to Traylor and Lunney.

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Wish these 2 well! Hope it works for them. Perhaps we will see them back here some day . Sure could do worse.

Really an opportunity he had to take…all the best to BL.

I hope Lunney leaves and does some great things. And then becomes our head coach someday (after some successful years by Pittman). :+1:t2:

Good for Barry, I wish him luck

I think this is great news. I wish him nothing but the best.


This…but, Lunney had done his time at Arkansas…he deserved his opportunity at the OC position at Arkansas. Unfortunately, his tenure overlaid the worst 9 years of our program. I wish both guys the best.

congrats to BLJ, I hope they really get it going next year.

Barry Lunney is popular here at Arkansas. However, if he wants to be a head coach someday, he has to coach elsewhere. He has to build a resume.

Maybe he gets highly prized & comes back to Arkansas one day. He would have never found out if he stayed in Fayetteville.

But who is now on staff that has experience in recruiting within the State of Arkansas like Barry did? I thought this was Barry’s major strength for Sam Pittman.

I selfishly want BL to stay here, but this is great news for him and his family.

When I was training, it was very apparent that when folks completed their training, if they immediately took a job at the same place, they were NEVER appreciated… no promotions and got all the bad work.

So they really had to go elsewhere and prove themselves, then they could come “back home” and be treated with respect.

I have thought of this being BLJ’s exact situation for years now. So I’m really glad to see him spread his wings. Hopefully he’ll come back home at some point.


Steve Caldwell is in his second stint at UA and also coached at ASWho. He’s got plenty of instate connections. And he seems to be staying

Unlike Morris, Sam Pittman already knows something about the Arkansas high schools after his previous stint here and otherwise recruiting OL in the state. I could see him bringing in Tim Horton or someone else with Arkansas ties, but I think that Sam is probably going to finish winning over the state high school coaches himself pretty quickly, which will help in-state recruiting enormously. I would not be surprised to see Sam going into a lot of schools and making a lot of calls to state high school coaches both in the winter and spring evaluation periods to “introduce” the assistants and make/re-establish his own connections.

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It’s kind of funny that the two assistants who, it was rumored, were asked to not put their houses on the market are the first two officially gone.