Barry Lunney, "It's Strictly Up to Him!"

I just read Clay’s piece on the coaches search and the game tomorrow. As I read his comments about Barry’s “opportunity”, I thought of my past life.

At least 100 years ago I worked for an Ag Chem Company covering the Delta (AR, LA, & MS). We hired the comedian Jerry Clower as a spokesman. He would give his show for us all over the place and more often than not, I would be there. I thought of his famous story about the coon hunt. He said that they would give the coon a sporting chance. The coon could jump out of the tree and whip all 23 of the those dogs and then walk away. It was strictly up to the coon.

Now Barry can go down to Tiger Stadium and whip the Tigers with his far too slow and little talented team. It is “Strictly up to Barry!” I think the coon had a better chance. As any coon hunter knows, those things could fight, especially in water.

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I think the phrase “ shoot up here amongst us, as one of us needs relief” comes to mind. We need a fresh and meaningful start in our program. Playing the Tigers right now, Lunney must feel like a George Pickett at Gettysburg. Not if but how bad.


Lou Holtz had a saying that went " nothing is as bad as it seems and nothing is as good as it seems, it’s always somewhere in the middle" I think that is appropriate for this game and the state of the Arkansas program. It sure would be great for the U of A if this game were to land in the middle.

I already used Lou’s best line this year, “Watch out for the light at the end of the tunnel, it might be an oncoming train.”

and it was!!

My favorite Jerry Clower story is the one about Marcell and the Beer Joint. Jerry’s sound effects when Marcell stuck his chainsaw in the screen door were genius. “They gave Marcell the Beer Joint” is the best punch line ever!

That damn JEB Stuart was supposed hit the yankee line in the rear at the same time Pickett went up that hill. Lee never mentioned it afterwards but Stuart (several times) was not at his best in the Gettysburg Campaign and that may have cost the south their only chance to get a negotiated peace treaty.

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Jerry Clower from YAZOO CITY Ms!(about 2hrs from me)what a great guy,met him once and he was just like he was on stage,why he was so good.

Ants in your pants? No ma’am hot steel balls!!!

Jerry played college football at Miss St on scholarship

He was a genius comedian. I can listen to him for hours. Boogity, boogity…

He also said “Them Tigers are bad wet or dry” I think if my memory serves me right he was talking about playing LSU. WPS

Was Holtz responsible for the quote. " We’re just good enough to genuinely disappoint you"

Good memories with Jerry. I started this to show in a funny way the comparison between Lunney and LSU and the coon and the 23 dogs. I think the coon has a better chance.

then some started posting about Jerry. I got to spend hrs with him on these trips. Just a normal guy from MS, and a big MSU supporter. I think he was really pretty good. Played on the line both ways as they did back then.

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Wouldn’t the world be a better place with more Jerry Clowers??!!??!!