Barry Booker in HOT WATER

Well it appears Barry Booker needs to learn some manners and keep his mouth shut! During our game at Missouri he caught diarrhea of the mouth temporarily and let it run in comments about the women’s gymnastics! SEC Greg Stinkey has sent his complaint to SEC Network and ESPN. Maybe they will can him so we won’t have to listen to him anymore.
I’m hoping Andy Kennedy gets a job coaching somewhere because I don’t think the hogs have won with him on the mic! I don’t like listening to Booker at all!

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Booker was terrible in our game. The comments on gymnastics should get him fired. I don’t expect him to be back in the SEC next year. Basically, he said Friday night is Valentines Day and find a gymnastics meet with your date and watch some scantily clad women.

I almost fainted when I heard that coming from Barry’s lips. It was as distasteful as anything I’ve ever heard live on the air. And he didn’t apologize until the game was over and it was clear h was reading from a script.

He should be fired immediately. No class at all.

He’s been going down hill. Obviously, he wasn’t doing one of the top games Saturday.

I’ve always liked Barry. Not sure what is going on with him, but he should have known better than that. Maybe he’s still giddy and light headed over Vandy ending the streak at Will Wade’s expense.

It is the Bill Walton effect. All analysts want to add humor and appear having knowledge of stuff other than what they are analyzing, and step into it.:grinning:

Barry Booker deserves all of the negative attention he is getting; his comments were egregious. And I have never really cared for him as an announcer so if he is let go it will not disappoint me. But I do think this is an example of someone trying to be clever and then realizing they went waaaaay over the line, especially with the events of the past few years with the reports of so many travesties within the women’s gymnastic community. But on the whole the Booker family story is quite an amazing one and I wanted to share this to show how out of character this is for his family.

Here is a link to an older story about the Booker family surrounding their establishment of a scholarship at a local school (I live about a mile from the Franklin city limits). It really is an amazing story that each of Booker’s 11 siblings graduated from college.

Not justifying anything that was said; just wanted to share that sometimes good people make really bad decisions and let their mouth get in front of their mind (sadly I am guilty of this). I do not know it as fact but can only speculate that his siblings were equally appalled.

Just add his comments to the many comments made by announcers that have nothing to do with basketball and make them look stupid!
Vitale should have been in this same barrel for referring to Moses Kingsley as a mouse but that was overlooked as well! Greg Stinkey was at that game. He watched the refs put the screws to our hogs in that one! The SEC commissioner had no choice but take this stand because the comments were directed at women!

Barry Booker is and always has been a low budget announcer! He should be fired. He has company in that regard for making comments thy have no bearing on the game in progress about people that should get them sent packing.

The lead guy said several times that Mason Jones played all 45 minutes against Auburn. Obviously, he didn’t look at the stat sheet or he would have seen that it was 44 and change. But he came out of that game twice. The total seconds out were not much, but they did go over a timeout and foul shooting. So he was down for about 4-5 minutes.

I say suspend him for a few games. I assume this was a first for him to say something like that.

It was a tough week to be an analyst during an SEC broadcast of the Hogs.

During the South Carolina game they showed a crowd shot and someone was waving a Will Ferrell Big Head. Andy Kennedy got a bit confused, and instead of saying Ron Burgundy, the character Will Ferrell played in “Anchorman-the Legend of Ron Burgundy”, blurted out the name of an other Ron who happened to be a (in)famous porn star some years ago. The play-by-play guy started laughing and had a hard time regaining his composure.

Did he say “the hedgehog’s” name?

He did indeed. They went on and on about it. Pure junior high stuff. It’s crazy that the Big East has Bill Rafferty, Tim Brando, and Gus Johnson doing their games, and we are stuck with clowns like Booker and Kennedy.

I didn’t hear what Booker said originally, but I heard the apology, and for him to apologize during the same broadcast told me it must have been pretty bad. Firing wouldn’t surprise me, or they may just put him in time out for a while.

SECN overloads with people who come from SEC schools. Booker from Vandy. Kennedy from OM. Fishback from Auburn. Dykes and Bradley from Arkansas. Some are better than others. As a game analyst I’ve always thought Booker was at least decent, but he may have sawed off the limb he was standing on Saturday.

Brando used to do SEC games 25 years ago but has graduated upward. Announcers go where the money is, so if SECN wanted better people it wouldn’t be hard to get them.

I once thought Booker was pretty good. He may not prepare as well or as thoroughly as maybe he once did. There is only one way to do it and that’s to work at it. If you don’t, it will eventually show.

At least SECN has Pat Bradley, Joe Kleine and Jimmy Dykes as analysts. So, we shouldn’t complain too much.

Jimmy is polished and will never make such a mistake.

Pat is getting better but once in a while he becomes the radio host he was in Little Rock, where on that show, it was “anything goes”. I am afraid Pat is going to end up saying something.

Joe just does not have the skills for a TV analyst but is trying. But he is always joking around in private life as well as on radio shows in Little Rock. He is suspect to saying something just to be funny and get in trouble,

More often than not, a color analyst provides commentary on things that perhaps the average fan at home doesn’t pick up on. He just stated the obvious over and over on Saturday. Made the broadcast pretty hard to listen to for me.

Manny Watkins does a better job than Fishback and Booker!

Manny would do his homework and have something interesting. I don’t think Booker does that. It’s my prediction that you won’t see him next year.