Barring a miracle, we are looking at 2-5 in two weeks...........

…will this team fall apart? I really doubt, if he plays, that Austin will survive the next two games without a season ending injury. This team quit on CBB last year and there is no sign of any greater mental toughness this year. Will our season be over at that point? Every team left, except Coastal and Mizzou, has far better talent on their defensive line than South Carolina, who just man-handled our O-line Saturday. Moving Ragnow to left tackle and Rogers to center MIGHT shore up one tackle while weakening our middle. Simplifying our offense and putting Wallace in at right tackle hoping his mental mistakes will lessen MIGHT shore up right tackle. Maybe they can put Kelley in when a running QB or deep passer is needed and that will reduce the wear and tear on Austin. The fact that Austin has not accurately thrown a deep pass this year makes me wonder if he has been dinged up all along. He has just not looked in sync even when he has time. A lot of the blame can be put at receivers not getting open or running wrong routes but there is something else going on. He has not played like we all, including him and his coaches, expected this year, at all.

Meanwhile, (the despised on this board) Sam Pittman has recruited and coached up a dominating line at Georgia running the kind of power offense we are supposed to be getting some day. If CBB had been successful when he took the entire O-line to his house to try and talk Pittman out of leaving, would we be where we are today? I would like to see THAT question answered by our writers on this board.

I can answer your last question. NO.

I do think Enos is culpable as well. Though I like his scheme. But there’s no pretending the running game began a decline when Enos arrived. Granted, the Passing game improved. And BA really improved. But the physical running game has declined.

How much is scheme, how much is practice time allocation, and how much is Anderson being inferior to Pittman. Impossible to say from the vantage point we all have…unless you have really inside info or get to watch practices.

But I do think Pittman is valued for a reason. Anderson is in over his head it looks to me. But again, what do I know. But there’s no quesiton…Pittman left…o-line declined. Clear as day.

I keep thinking of the Anderson quote that they had saved film of Jackson’s footwork in pass protection as a teaching tool for future O-linemen, as I watch Jackson follow his unblocked man as he clobbers Allen again and again. Our when he releases a 310 lb defensive lineman for Whaley to block by himself so he can double up on a man that Froholdte has stopped in his tracks. This is Anderson’s video model for training O-linemen?!?!?!?! This is the best pass blocking tackle we got?