Would anyone else enjoy a throwback game in Barnhill just for old times sake? Hypothetically is it even possible?

No it’s not possible. It has been renovated for Volleyball and Gymnastics

I’ve seen monster trucks inside Verizon arena…

I would go for a throw back rock concert then if a bball game isn’t possible.

I think the floor dimensions in Barnhill are still compatible with those for a basketball court. I know the Razorbacks have had some summer camps in there recently and Jimmy Dykes has mentioned the possibility of playing one of the women’s games there in the future.

How about a throw back crowd at the BUD… like the '94 crowds.

Any day I would vote and would love to see one game. Especially a 94 type crowd!

Dykes could take the women to my back yard and I would not watch!
The men that would be a blast.

Only if the game included Robken leading the spirit band like the old days.

I would love to see a basketball game at Barnhill. I believe it would give me chills. Only problem, more people would want to go than they could fit in there, just exactly the problem in the old days. It was too small. The good in that, perhaps the ticket prices would be high enough that it could pay for a one-time use of a portable court with the right kind of stuff painted on it, including the slobber Razorback. I’d love that.

At this point I would settle for 17,500 strong in the bud with the slobbering hog on the court and the tuba players running around the ref one timeout and moving a few hundred young spry completely sober students court side instead of some toasted greyhair “broyles platinum hogs” clutching their pearls all game.

Just - one - game! I mean come on. Some things are just too obvious. Like things that would change if the basketball coach, or say anyone that prioritizes WINNING, was calling the shots.

Nothing wrong with missing the good old days either, like when the path to success was just WINNING and there weren’t no price on it. (And weren’t no playing lower tier December hog bowl games on our advertising jumbo screen in the middle of the biggest home sec basketball game of the year… I aint’t never going to understand that one.)

Clay you don’t have to agree with all my ideas, but I know all us fans have some pretty decent ideas about bringing back a taste of the fan experience from the glory days when it was fun. So maybe you could put just one little bug in old-$kool Jeff Long’s ear about one or two of your best ideas, maybe the stats on the scoreboard thing or doing his 15 dollar popcorn promotion on a day when we can actually get 19,200 in the bud (or 10,000 in barnhill with ticket priority given to students who camp out all night - at the next Kentucky game :o :o :idea: :idea: ) No offense to the athletic director, that is a distinguished position and responsibility. I just think that would be really cool if the fan experience was improved for bball games by listening to the fans and if it were obvious that everything about the game experience was designed to help the basketball team WIN. I think that’s what pretty much every fan wants.

Maybe I should write a letter to the editor, but I’m more of an internet message board fanatic kind of guy - I love the passion on here, these are my people. But I look forward to reading ever more of the real editorial writing you produce Mr. Clay. Thanks for being part of the bball insider message board.

Writing the Governor I think is the proper protocol nowadays.

I am an editor of sorts, I think. I also think you have some good ideas, some that I may talk about in other places, too. Thanks for sharing.

The dream for next year’s home and home vs. the Aggies would have the Fayetteville game in Barnhill and the College Station game in G. Rollie White.

Alas, it’s only a dream since I believe GRW has been demolished. That court had more lines than a tic tac toe tournament.

Yep, GRW was knocked down in 2013 as part of the expansion of Kyle Field to its current capacity.

There have been a couple of cases of schools returning to old buildings for NIT games if their regular building was unavailable. But BWA isn’t used that often – graduation and Walmart meeting is about it, other than hoops. Now if they ever get it reworked so that it is usable for concerts, etc., that could become an issue. On the other hand, I’d rather not have to worry about an NIT game.

If they’re gonna play one in Barnhill, might as well make it a cupcake on a November weeknight, see if the lure of the old building will get people off their couches and into the stands.

I found an article from March 2012 about the company, Connor Sports Flooring, that made the floors for the NCAA tournament (and still does). Cost was $85K to $95K then, depending on if there were any special paint jobs required. Connor has offered to sell the Final Four court to the winning school afterward, and some have taken them up on it. A couple of schools cut the floor up for souvenirs and sold the chunks off to raise money. But Florida bought the court from their 2006 championship in Indianapolis and put it into the O-Dome. I’m guessing it’s not still in place, since they did a complete rebuild of the O-Dome this year.

Really, $85K is not that much. Even at current ticket prices, a sellout of Barnhill minus 1500 seats for students would easily cover the cost of the floor, and then they would have it on hand for future games as needed. If needed, I guess. As I recall, somebody from UA painted Slobber Hog on the court, so the Connor people wouldn’t have to try to recreate it.

I think Barnhill represents what we miss about college basketball. The timeouts are scripted to the point that it takes away from the atmosphere in the building a lot of times, the college game has become watered down because of over-officiating and there just seems to be a general lack of enthusiasm for the sport nationwide, at least compared to 15-20 years ago.

I think this is true. Perhaps they could put away the scripts for one night, but they can’t put away the bad zebras. Of course, we saw our share of bad zebras in the SWC days too.

If they do all of this, I also would like a change to the old rules where you can attack the man with the ball with Clint McDaniel and Corey Beck.

This. If we want a return to the glory days of Hawgball, this is the change needed most of all – let us handcheck and play physical defense. It’s not like we didn’t commit a bunch of fouls anyway (the NC team averaged 22 fouls a game, but we were spreading them over a lot more quality depth; we had 14 players foul out). Current team averages 21.5 fouls per game, with 6 foulouts so far.