BARNES Says No to UCLA … story.html

Cronin from Cincy took the job.

Ha…the “anti-Alford” according to this writer. … story.html

Coach Barnes has been around the block a couple of times. He played this perfectly to secure his future for the remainder of his career. I’m proud for him and glad to know there is another honest coach in the SEC. While I have a hard time rooting for the Vols I appreciate him as a coach and a man.

We need more like Rick.

RB was never going anywhere, but he got a nice (well-deserved) raise, and more importantly - at least from what he has said…he got more money for his assistants.

I’ve never been a fan of Cronin and have dealt with him since the 1990s when he was assistant.

He had several disparaging things to say about Arkansas - the state, the school, the players and the coach - back then to me before he knew I was a sports writer.

Don’t criticize my state.

Can you share with us what he said about Nolan? Or did that happen when Stan’s team was there.

Let’s just say he was not very flattering in what he said about the IQ of NR, the Razorback players and what he perceived the state to be like.

I spoke up and basically told him who I was, what I did and to shut the you know what up.

Seeing the look om his face was pure joy to me.

He begged me not to pass it along, but… :sunglasses:

I think that was when he was an assistant with Bob Huggins.

I sat courtside in Moody Coliseum and saw SMU kick Cincy’s a** a couple of years ago, with Cronin coaching. Loved every minute of it. Wish I’d have known about this back then. I’d have yelled a lot harder for the Ponies!

Amen! He’s a good man and a good coach. The UCLA drama wasn’t found to get him in the fold. A smart decision to stay at Tennessee. The hogs need to get back to beating the Vols!

It is really hard for most of us to believe, but I found it easy to like RB even when he was coaching at the cowpie in Austin. He is a class guy!

Did I hear on Finebaum that this makes home the third highest paid coach in the NCAA?

he’s very good, but I would find that hard to back up…

I was hoping the Vol’s would be looking for a new coach…

as far as I know, the pkg hasn’t been announced yet, but jimmy hyams reported it will be around 4 mill per, with incentives on top of that.

Good for Barnes. Smart enough to avoid the cesspool of
Knoxville is way more family friendly. Safer too.

You’re the man, Dudley!!

BTW, I enjoyed your take on Buzz FM yesterday afternoon.

I’m really easy going typically. But three things I don’t let go without saying my peace.

  1. Talk bad about my state

  2. Talk bad about my wife, kids, family or friends

  3. Use the F word around my wife & kids

I will blow up. My wife and daughters roll their eyes at me when I respond to idiots. It happens very seldom. But the offenders will hear from me.