Barnes says he would have left Tennessee

If UCLA had agreed to pay his EOE buyout of $5 million. They didn’t.

That’s probably happened before, but I can’t recall a coach admitting that’s why he stayed put.

That was stunning.

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It’s as though Barnes is advertising for another job offer.

Well I wonder what the folks in Tenn think about that? Sounds like he is ready to jump ship if another blue blood comes a calling and willing to pony up.

It’s just another way of leveraging for a raise. And, also pointing out that if you don’t want me, you can drop the buyout.

He’s facing a bit of a rebuild at Tenner, now it’ll be interesting to see how patient Vol fans will be in the aftermath of this. IMHO, it ranks right up there with, “I would’ve crawled to Kentucky.”

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Obviously (a) UCLA doesn’t want to pay anyone’s buyout and (b) I didn’t pay attention until an SEC coach was involved.

Yep. Jamie Dixon is still at TCU because of it.