Barnes really shouldn’t

be mad at the refs, to shoot worse than us is hard to do. They were terrible today.

Defense and a packed Bud Walton will do that.


Definitely a packed Bud. They had open looks all day. As did we.
Despite the score, this was a poor offensive performance by both teams more so than it was a defensive display.


Hear ya, I just got to catch last 6 mins so I was just pretty much speculating. I’ll watch when I get back in town from work.

Crowd definitely rattled their cage.

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Arkansas’ D was exceptional all game long. Made it very hard for Tenn players to get any open looks. The ones they got, they missed.


Yeah. I really think it was the defense from both teams.

Seemed like both teams missed about 10 layups each.
But that Tenn offense is perpetual motion and moving. I dont care how ya do it, but to keep them under 50 was quite a feat.


I’m guessing if Barnes knew JD would be in foul trouble most of the game and foul out, and we would shoot 30% from the field and 22% from 3 at home he would have taken that.

But he would have never dreamed they would shoot worse.

We won’t lose a game because we don’t play hard though.

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Absolutely gas, neither team shot well at all & missed at the rim. But both teams got after each other full throttle the whole game. Those men were tired after this one.

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After Hofstra 21-6 was a pipe dream. Which shows what a incredible coaching job Muss and the staff have done but it really shows a lot about how these guys have been coachable. Their effort and being coachable is off the chart and has carried them.

We shoot terrible, but as Nolan once said’ You are a shooter, keep shooting and you are going to make some and we are going to need the ones you make.’

We continue to make some when we need them.

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You know what’s worse than shooting just 30%?
Shooting 27%. :slight_smile:


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