Barnes feels like Tennessee let one slip away late (story)... … away-late/

Seems like is was almost as hard as pulling teeth to get Barnes to say
something good about an individual Arkansas player. Seems like most
of the questions in that nature he turned the answers into things his
team didn’t do well and avoided saying much about Arkansas’s players.

I know most of the time you hear the opposing coach say something
like “Man that guys good or he’s hard to stop” or something along those
lines, but Rick seemed not to want to do that. I get it that he was most
likely bummed about losing this one thinking he had it through the first
38 min so, its got to be a tough loss, but generally you seem to see the
opposing coaches be a bit more willing to drop some praise. He certainly
did drop it at Mike Anderson, but not so much our players.

I guess its just the fact that he lost one that they could have won, but
he seemed a bit sour to me. Then again I’ve always thought he was a
bit of a sour puss anyways.

Well, at least now he can’t threaten to cancel his team’s visit to Fayetteville, as he once did when his Longhorns played an NCAA regional in Little Rock and he felt that the locals didn’t treat his players well. Texas was to play in Fayetteville the next season as the back end of a home and home (we had already played and lost in Austin to them), and Barnes said he might consider cancelling the return game because of this “treatment”. Such whiny poppycock. (Note: Texas DID visit the next season, and we DID beat them :smiley: )

Most especially since I was in Austin in 1995 when the Hogs played there in the first two rounds of the NCAA Tournament. I drove down from DFW to catch the second game, vs. Syracuse. This was the famous game where Syracuse tried to call a time out they didn’t have with just a few seconds left in the game, which lead to some FT’s for us that put it into overtime, where we won.

Anyway, I’ve never seen a “neutral” crowd SOOOOO rude to any team. The folks there booed us when we came on the court and all the way through the game, cheering when we were called for fouls, etc. The fans in LR that Barnes experienced couldn’t have been any “ruder”, and I honestly doubt they were close to what I saw in person that day.

He’s on my “love to see them lose list”, along with our favorite non-hog caller, Dana Altman.

I can’t remember was he the coach the year we beat Texas 3 times in 1 season or was it Tom Penders?

Edited I found it… it was the 90 season and it was Tom Penders not Rick Barnes.

I was at both games in Austin that year. We got the same treatment both days, against Texas Southern (a one-point win in a 2-15 game, as I recall) and the Syracuse game in the second round. I remember Jim Boeheim said he had no idea why the crowd was behind his team so solidly ('Cuse is not used to being an underdog), but he enjoyed the support and would have won if Lucious Jackson hadn’t had cerebral flatus and called that extra timeout. They booed our band, booed our cheerleaders, the UT staff was reportedly rude to team and staff, etc., etc.

Actually, we should have won in regulation. Scotty Thurman took the FTs after Jackson’s mistake. He missed one. Make both, we win. And we scored on every trip in OT, but still could have lost if Jackson had hit a last-ditch three. Highlights below.

Watching the highlights reminded me of Michael Lloyd, a point guard that we had recruited heavily out of junior college but signed with Syracuse. Or maybe it was we signed him out of high school but he didn’t make his grades and wound up in JC. One of the two.

Comments: Its not like this isn’t the first game Tennessee lost at some point within the 2nd half after leading largely in the 1st half. Actually as poor as Arkansas shot the ball from the perimeter and the free-throw line, all the while the hawgs managed to stayed in striking Distance (7pts) and closed that gap within a two minutes span…actually my optimism remains high heading to the next game that happens to be played on the road. Barnes has to be feeling awkward the third lost to Mike with one of Tennessee’s better team under Barnes. The Tennessee broadcast crew quickly wrapped it up after watching another lost handed to them by the hawgs

I couldn’t disagree more. He said several things great about Macon, Gafford and others that were in the several stories we had on the site.

If that came across to you in my story, then I did a really bad job writing it.

My wife and I got to spend 30 minutes talking to Coach Barnes and his wife in Brooklyn two years ago during that tournament up there - actually two were going on at the same time.

I think he is a great guy and a great coach.

Absolutely not Dudley, your story was fine. He came off that way in the 1st half of the video I watched of his post game. I didn’t watch the full thing so I guess towards the end he musta loosened up a bit. He was a sour puss through the 1st part.

I think it was probably the part when, in response to several questions about Arkansas players he made a sarcastic comment about how he liked how the Arkansas media asked lots of questions seeking positive remarks about “their guys”.

It was clearly a jab. I can’t blame him for being frustrated but I don’t think you’re off-base at all in thinking he didn’t want to talk about Arkansas players, anymore.

He also repeatedly said they knew they could get whatever they wanted in the half court.

Barnes may be a great guy. Media members (especially national ones) seem to love him.

But, he was understandably testy last night. You didn’t just imagine that.

Pretty sure that we signed him out of HS as a McDonald’s All American (despite our great success in that era, we rarely signed the Micky D AA’s), but he didn’t qualify and had to go the Juco route. Obviously, ended up at Syracuse after Juco.

You are right on Michael Lloyd.
On Micky Ds, I wouldn’t say our Micky D signing were rare. In that era, we signed Huery, Day, Mayberry, Robinson, Williamson, Reid, Lloyd, Hood and Alexander. The numbers are not Duke like, but it is not rare either.

“Rare” is a relative term.

In those days, our “peers” were N. Carolina, Duke, Michigan, Kentucky, UCLA, etc. Compared to that group, we signed a lot less of the MD AA types. As Nolan used to joke, we signed “Burger King All Americas”.

I watched his video and I though he was remarkably nice. Even more so considering the fact that his team lead for all but a few seconds in regulation and they would have won if an 80+ percent free throw shooter had made both free throws like he usually does.

That was a reference to the media and their perceived treatment of Butch Jones