Barkley said it all about Muss

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Well Kansas was beating us good at that time. They did talk about what Arkansas did not do well in the first half and it was spot on.

Chuckster from the start said he liked Kansas, that’s when I KNEW the Hogs would WIN.

Man slap yourself. you sound really stupid. And your reaching to make your post make sense. I don’t have to know how spell his name exactly right . When I know his mom , dad , stepdad personally . Dude get out of here . I am from Little Rock, why is it hard for you to believe I just know peopel

Don’t know who you know or who you don’t, really doesn’t matter to most of us as much as it seemingly does to you.


Some of you guys just can’t stand success.

Might want to pick up those names you casually dropped.

You would be surprised who on this board have real connections but don’t have to brag.

Pack it in.