Barkley said it all about Muss

I believe Muss did a masterful job yesterday as he has just about got us out of our standing on offense issue. We moved really well yesterday on both sides of the ball and just overcome and out played Kansas, I think the Sec team just wanted it more!! WPS


I know sports fans are fickle, but sure seems some of ours have the most open check books around. Regarding Muss, a week ago a good bit of the talk was that the team took on a pouting/whining personality from him and this was a bad look. I know both the adoration and the criticism can both have some merit, so we should probably cool our jets and trust the real holders of the check book have this under control.

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If the Arkansas ptb lose Muss over money because they are so savvy with the checkbook, they are the ones who should be fired.

The “well, I know more than the coach” fans are not just fickle, they don’t really know squatty doo about what it takes to win and be an elite college basketball program. That’s fine, I no longer get upset with opinionated fans; “fan” is short for fanatic, ergo the value of most fan opinions about the coaching.

Arkansas was one of the all time greatest college basketball programs, as of 1997, they were top 5 and mentioned with the likes of UCLA, Kentucky, Kansas, North Carolina, etc.

Then the recruiting game started to change for Coach Richardson and the ptb ran all of it straight into the ground with their hiring decisions.

I did not believe Arkansas basketball would ever come back. Who did after 25 years of horrific mediocrity? My son asked if Arkansas had ever been to the sweet 16, how bad it had gotten.

Enter Muss — back-to-back elite eights, three straight sweet 16s. Enough said. Arkansas is back. Muss will go down as a legend like Coaches Sutton and Richardson. We have the $ to keep Muss, and I believe will. If Muss leaves, it won’t be money, it will be so he can return to California for a climate and quality of life more in line with his family’s world view. That’s why we won’t see him crawling to a place like Kentucky, if he leaves, he’ll be going blue State not another red.

I hope we keep him until he retires.


That’s what worries me this year. They’re maybe a job opening up that he will be looking hard at.

Edit, however, I think Mariah will have the choice for now.


What job is that? Berkeley? Nah. Cal is a coaching graveyard in almost every sport, except maybe water polo. I don’t think Andy Enfield is in any danger at USC; that job would concern me a little if it came open. The Broomheads had never made the Dance four straight years, until now.

No get it straight , you have never heard me bad mouth Muss

Cal won’t spend any money on athletics, so they will not pay him.

Would have to be UCLA — when it eventually opens up, not this year but one day; maybe USC, maybe Stanford.

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BTW didn’t Barkley run Muss down last year on the Duke game?

i think so. And then yesterday after giving Muss credit, he changed and said Tenn. was the best. A four seed beat a five seed.
Arkansas was an 8 seed and beat a 1 seed AND previous national champs!!!
TBS showed a pic of Barkley all down-trodden and sitting alone with his glass of wine in the studio after the aubbie loss. No telling how many tiger war eagle
tokens he lost on that game.

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You took shots at him from your barber chair post saying bc of his stay etc he is looking around.

I know you want to be an insider etc, but you try to run down all coaches etc

We don’t want Coach Muss to get sucked down by an earthquake while
looking at a pretty view of the ocean!
Razorback fans LOVE Muss and his family!!!

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In these days of huge roster turnovers each year, that has no meaning. #1 seed does.

I agree, but would have been far more impressed had he taken time to inject that into their half time glorification of Kansas and spent not 10 seconds on anything Arkansas! Watch it if you don’t believe.

I agree, pay the man and if he goes elsewhere, there is little we could do to stop him. Better make that pay large, I can smell a Final Four shortly.


You sir just don’t get it. I don’t claim to know it all but because of people I know, talk to parents of players and respected coaches in in Arkansas Basketball. I don’t know you but you’re probably some casual fan who logs on a reads everyone’s opinions .

Have you ever talked to Coach K , um I have , have you every personally sat and talked HOF Reggie White ummm I’ve done that too, have you ever talked with Matao Soli and Junior …Um I’ve done that. What about Kareem Moody , Moses dad whom I have know since before Moses was born.

How but numberous Football and basketball players for Hogs ,Daryl Macon , Jesse Barford, Bobby Portis,. A lot of them know me on a first name basis. Keyvon Allen from Florida . Im only naming a few and most if not all were either from the barbershop or someone I have met from the barbershop.

So again im sure you would like to come as well , instead of sitting behind a computer and waiting on someone else’s to report what they think they know.

Your resume is awe inspiring. :wink:

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And for the record I think Coach Muss , is a great X and Os coach, Great ambassador for UofA and keeps us relevant on national level . His marketing skills are through the roof. If a west coast job comes available , I don’t think he would turn it down. All I said.

As is his spelling. It’s almost like huntinhog and 2009 had an illiterate baby.

I know a lot of people too, but I see no need to brag about it, especially when those people you name checked would bury their heads at how stupid your take is. “Jesse” Barford is rolling over in his grave.

Wait, gotta go, Pat Bradley is calling.


You lose a little credibility about your personal relationships when you can’t spell Kevaughn Allen’s name and I’m not even sure who Jesse Barford is. Jaylen maybe? If he knows you on a first name basis you might want to learn his.


@jeremy please tell Pat we’re still on for dinner in Vegas next week….


Will do.:rofl::rofl::rofl: