He is a scoring machine in the paint for a guard. One thing I see that needs to improve is his handle. How many times did he force things at the end of the game last night? I remember at least 2 turnovers in the final couple of minutes.


Yes, I agree he is a force in the paint. However, he isn’t really a true point guard. He got stripped twice in crunch time.

I was really hoping he would be a 2 year stud at PG, but he’s definitely limited in PG skills. Barford could be nearly unstoppable receiving crisp passes in the lane or when he has his man posted down low. I’d love for Mike to find a really good JUCO in the vein of Durham to cover the PG spot until Hill gets here in 2019. Macon has some good PG skills that would need honing, but that only covers 2018 and it looks like we’ll need his shooting skills next year.

I completely agree! Our offense still lacks a talented PG. We get by decently on offense b/c of sheer talent, but a great PG would drastically improve our offensive sets. Our last really good PG was that little lefty, I forget his name.

Thats his game and doing it that way is how he scored big in Jr College! The turnovers hurt late but then if not for him it would have been a blowout sleeper in the last two minutes without his scoring that kept us in it! His upside is going to keep growing and be big in this seasons finish! There are plenty on this team that pick their times to hustle and also make more than their shares of bonehead mistakes playing lacksy daisy, but he isnt one of them! Thank god for him and Manny!!!

Barford needs some set plays to drive the lane.

Bardford will be a force next year and he is starting to find his game! We need the rest of the team to leave it on the floor the way Bardford and Macon do!