Barford not finishing on contested breakaways

I have posted before that Barford is one of the best finishers we have had on contested breakaway layups. In the past several games he has almost been an ofer on those lately. He seems to be flipping those layups instead of going strong to the basket. I think it is a sign of fatigue and lack of a will as a result of that.

If we can get a #4 seed for the SECT, Barford will be the one to benefit most from a six days between Missouri game and first game in SECT.

BTW, I am really going to miss how the PA announcer announces a Barford basket with “Barfurrrrrrrrrrrd”.

I was really pissed, and so was CMA, the other day when Barford tried a contested layup instead of dishing to Macon. In fact I thought Barford was somewhat selfish in that game. I’m not knocking the kid overall, as I do not think of him as a selfish player (not to mention he has a knack of hitting tough shots), but I thought he was forcing the action the other night.

He just plays out of control at times. I’d like to see him slow down! It’s the same thing when Beard dribbles between 3 defenders and turns the ball over. They make good plays and bad ones. I’ll take the bad one in return for the good ones.
I hope next year the young players coming in move the ball with the pass better.

Have noticed the same thing about Barford and have wondered if it is the punishment he has taken when he goes aggressively to the hoop and no foul gets called unless he is called for charging. At some point, that has to enter your mind. I also have wondered if he has been 100% healthy the last few weeks.

Barford is one of my favorite players, I absolutely love his game, but you are right he tends to be selfish at times. He’s probably the worst among the guards at getting Gafford the ball when he’s hot. I use to complain about Beard doing that, but Beard has played much better as of late and has been looking to facilitate more.

With all that said, If I’m the coach, Barford is the type of player I really wouldn’t critique or complain about too much because he’s a very instinctive player, when he’s out there he’s playing free and looking to score. Which is what we need a lot of the times. Trying to change his game and telling him not to attack as much and facilitate more may throw his game off this late in the season, I’d just tell him to go up stronger and keep attacking.

It looks to me like too many times he tries to draw fouls instead of just making the layup. Three point plays are nice, but the two is the most important part.

He had a double double last time out. If he keeps that up who cares about the rest.

Barford has been remarkably consistent for a perimeter player this season. He and Macon should both be first-team All-SEC. However, I also noticed that he started doing that flipping thing a lot on finishes several weeks ago. He needs to take it strong to the rim unless an injury issue isn’t being reported. In addition, in the rare games when he has not shot efficiently, he hasn’t modulated his shot selection very well. Instead of taking it to the basket to get to the line, he continues to rely on step backs, often early in the shot clock. He can get that shot any time and should perhaps defer some to others or wait for better looks when he is cold or somebody else has it going. Since, like Macon and Jones, he can flip a switch and go from ice cold to red hot within a game, I don’t want to be overly critical about it, but we are reaching the point of the year that one bad game that wastes some possessions can end your season.

I hope there isn’t an injury. I assume it is a result of the wear and tear of trapping man defense. He has looked to have more consistent energy in Zone that we have been running during this run.

He played 42 minutes in the overtime at Georgia, more than anyone on the team. To me he has not played the same since. Surely after a game or two he should recover, but his play has not been the same since.

Not sure what’s in his head but he has moved toward more “circus” like moves inside and has had success in some of those attempts. Many in the NBA are doing the same type moves to draw the crowd’s reaction and you know that league auditioning is going on across the college landscape this time of year.

I agree. I appreciate the discussion, but let’s be honest, we are really splitting hairs if we are tying to critique Barford. My goodness that dude is good! Instinctive is probably the best word used here in this thread. Just all around awesome.

He was 5 of 18 (3 of 9). That’s 36% from the field. I don’t want to make too big a deal about it. It certainly wasn’t a typical game by any stretch. Sometimes Barford has to take shots because nobody else will, and bad shooting nights are inevitable. However, some of those misses were step backs from deep early in the shot clock. We could have run some more offense before settling for that. On some nights that’s a good look for Barford, but, given Auburn’s lack of rim protection, 18 attempts with 9 from deep wasn’t exactly an optimum shot distribution for him on this night when he was lukewarm. He certainly contributed significantly in other ways and did get 8 FTAs, though I would like to have seen even more. He was massive on the defensive glass, which was important for our D.