Barford is the Hogs' best rebounding guard since ???


Patrick Beverley was a good rebounder. Had a few games with 10+ rebounds. … ley-1.html

Response: he’s clearly the best all round guard on this team and just might be Mike’s best guard to date while coaching at Arkansas. If Mike can get all six of his seniors to play steady this season, it truly will be a special season, the under class men’s will feed off the seniors

Ronnie Brewer. He had to do so much for his teams that his skills were utilized in different roles depending on the opponent. When we needed a big rebound, he was the man.

Courtney Fortson was a good rebounder.

Beard is a pretty good rebounder too, but not in the BEST category.

COREY Beck was a career 4.2 rebounds per game and Barford is at 4.3 at the moment.

I think the Barford/Macon combination reminds me of the Nolan era teams when we were so tough. It appears the groundwork is being put in place to continue this pattern of strong guard play. Macon is extremely dangerous, but in the words of UNLV’s Larry Johnson, Barford is a “man”.

Sidney Moncrief averaged 9.6 his senior year and 8.3 for his career. At 6-3, that’s a pretty salty average. He’s the best I remember. I can hear Eddie Sutton talking about Sidney’s natural instinct and jumping ability. Fit in great in Sutton’s system, and I think he’d fit in well with Nolan’s system.

Reply: yes Courtney was very good, one of Pel’s recruits that he didn’t know how to coach

Barford is a bad man. I think it was the last Kentucky game when he got in the face of one of their big guys and scared him. The guy wanted no part of him. :lol:

Your question was who was: Barford is the best rebounding guard since who? And not who we’re the best rebounding guards in the history of Hogs. Getting back to your question, I would say Courtney Fortson.

No doubt. Sid was the best rebounding Guard that I ever saw. After him I would say Beck, Ronnie Brewer and Barford.

I think Barford could possibly be one of the best rebounding guards we’ve ever had. He reminds me some of Sidney and has a chance to be a “man” on the boards. To be a great rebounder, you have to have some “blue-collar” instincts. I think he has those.

Career rebounding averages for the players mentioned in this thread plus Joe Johnson.

Moncrief 8.3
Johnson 6.1
Beverley 5.5
Fortson 5.4
Brewer 5.0
Robertson 4.3
Beck 4.2
Barford 3.9

Looking beyond the stats, I’d say Sidney was the best, averaging more than 9 per game in his career, when there were far fewer rebounds to be had, and when there were far fewer long rebounds (no 3-point shot) bouncing back out to the guards.

Beverley also had great rebound games, as did Ronnie and Jonathan Modica, and these two played with Hill, Townes, and Charles Thomas, who were all rebounders.

I thought about having Joe Johnson on my list, right below Sidney. However, I don’t really consider him a Guard. More of a Forward who did everything.

Is Beverley still playing? I haven’t seen his name in any box scores lately.

He had knee surgery in November. He was starting at PG for the Clippers.