Barford headed to Minnesota

Jaylen is headed to Minnesota, per a post on his Facebook page. He text me “Minnesota” around 12:30 and I tried to get in touch with him, but I imagine he’s a busy guy right now, even this late. … 8478476132

Good luck to Barford. Minnesota is a beautiful state and opportunity there.

I was trying to stay awake to see where in the second round he would get selected I didn’t make. Regardless great news! Oh stay away from the wall-eye pike, they can be addicted

Un drafted free agent I think.

Not likely to make the roster immediately, I think, but if he gets a two-way contract with a spot on their G League team (which is in Des Moines) that’s not a bad deal at $77,250 a year. Base G League pay will be $35,000

Really like Minnesota but winters are very tough and the rest of the year it has a horrible mosquito problem (all those lakes) . That said I still really like it!