Barford has changed everything

Many have done well but barford attacking the basket has really helped the hogs!

Equally, manny attacks as does hannahs. I don’t think barford attacks much more than those guys. All have made a huge difference.

The key for Bardford will be when he starts pulling back and passing instead of wasting possessions! He does not draw fouls they hardly ever call a foul when he goes to the hole. He’s the most exciting player we have. Bardford is a true scorer.
We will or should be better next year even though we will be without Mosses, Dusty and Manny.
Macon goes to the hole to draw contact and there are times he’s unable to get the Ball to the board. Hannah’s is better driving to the rack that Macon. Manny is timely and looks for the opening befor he attacks the rack. Beard is out of control going to hole and selfish on fast breaks. Yesterday Beard had Cook open for a dunk and he failed to pass and don’t stuffed and of course we gave up a bucket on the other end. The talent on the team is passing Beard and he needs to share like Macon did with him yesterday on a fast break.
Out of the box the last 2 games our 4 are wasting possessions by taking bad shots and not finishing in the lane at the rim and missing free throws. Bardford, Macon and Hannah’s Need to be scoring or getting the ball to Kingsley or one of the 4’s at the rim.
Our 4’s are giving up the ball with turnovers and poor shots and getting block around the rim by not going to the hole aggressive. Thomas had one good move to the hole today. Cook had one up clean up on a fast break layup that was a Miss.
when was the last time we had a slam dunk put back on a missed shot! That’s what we are missing. Check out the box score and see what the 4’s are doing.
Most games our guards out rebound our 4’s.
Bardford will be the key tomorrow for the hogs. If he can get fired up it will inspire the team.

So much wow here.

But, thanks for you service.

FTs this season

Kingsley 123-161
Macon 124-141
Hannahs 97-108
Barford 74-100

Barford is the more relentless of the 3. Beginning about 10 games ago, Barford became a different player as he fell into the role of a scorer. Mike has done a great job of getting Jaylen and Macon to buy into their roles and it has helped the entire team become better. What I love about Barford is that he never lets a missed shot, a turnover, or a bad pass affect the way he plays the next time he has the ball. A short memory is a huge benefit to a scorer. He’s like the energy bunny, he just “keeps on keepin’ on”.

You are right that Manny and Hannahs also do a good job of attacking the basket. Hannahs is a duel threat when he penetrates with that 8-10 foot floater. Manny and Hannahs have been attacking the rim all season. I think the OP brought up Barford as making a difference to the team because he took his attacking the basket to another level before we started on our winning streak.