Barford and Thompson

Jaylen Barford is sooo good when he’s playing with an edge. With 5-6 minutes left and A&M making a run (got within 2 a couple times), Barford just took over. He probably got a little over the top and Mike probably did the right thing, sitting him down before he got a T. But, Jaylen was the main reason we opened up that 6-8 point lead and then held it while he was on the bench with Macon’s free throws. It’s a fine line between his “edge” and “over the top”, but when he’s feeling it and “woofing” a bit, he’s basically unstoppable.

I’m so impressed with Trey. Such a high basketball IQ. These last 2-3 games, he’s been a force on the boards and with the ball in his hands. 6 assists tonight! And most were worthy of ESPN highlights.

Reply: Dito, Trey is playing the kind of basketball at the low post position that guarantee you a W in the win column. Keep it up Trey

Agree 100%. Barford does seem to thrive when he’s fired up. But, yea he’s gotta learn to manage it and not get a technical, especially to close a ball game like that. CMA probably saved him from getting one.

And Trey Thompson has been amazing. I just love watching him play, he just does so many things right, and his passing is beautiful. This is one those times were I really wish we had another big that could play, so we could start Thompson alongside Kingsley. He’s by far our second best forward. But, CMA has managed them well the best 3 games in making sure they are closing together when it counts.

I didn’t see it but someone said Barford took a shot to the jewels. I could see why he was mad if that’s what happened.

Manny stuffed the stat sheet as well. He has a habit of making buckets when the score is close or we are behind.

That was crazy they didn’t show the replay on tv… and they were fouling Barford all night.

Barford takes more contact without a call than any player in the SEC.

Bardford and Thompson are getting it done. I think your right about the dirty blow he took. There were some elbows thrown tonight they should have looked at.
The TV timeouts have A&M a break tonight a couple of times or it would have gotten ugly. We were just -1 rebounding tonight. And we were cold from 3 and won. The assist from Thompson and the steal from Bardford were key. We missed 2 or 3 free throws tonight. We had 5 players in double figures.
We have experience coming back next year and with the incoming class we can only get better. Dustin Thomas, Adrio Bailey and Cook need to get in the weight room and put in some work.
This team did not look the same tonight. We were not hitting the shots early and it affected the flow early.

Trey is playing some real quality ball that fits this team’s needs desperately. We need more size and now it’s apparent playing both our big guys together doesn’t slow anything down and in fact makes us better. Playing in the NCAA will require that size to advance. Up until this year I didn’t think he could fill this role, but I was wrong.